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Jim Jarmusch

Date of Birth: Jan 22, 1953

Country: USA

Biography: James Roberto "Jim" Jarmusch is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, producer, editor, and composer.

Total Titles at Criticker: 37 - You've Seen 37

Your Average Tiers: 0 (Actor), 0 (Director), 0 (Writer)

Average Ratings: 0 (Actor), 0 (Director), 0 (Writer)

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Titles You've Rated (37)
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No Rating
Stranger Than Paradise Stranger Than Paradise (1984)
Summary: This is about a self-styled New York hipster (John Lurie of the Lounge Lizards) who is paid a suprise... (imdb)
No Rating
Mystery Train Mystery Train (1989)
Summary: A Japanese couple obsessed with 1950s America goes to Memphis because the male half of the couple emulates Carl Perkins... (imdb)
No Rating
Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (2002)
Summary: Seven internationally respected filmmakers offer different perspectives on time and fate -- some witty, some somber -- in this omnibus film, with the stories linked by performances from jazz great Hugh Masekela.
No Rating
Night on Earth Night on Earth (1991)
Summary: A collection of five stories involving cab drivers in five different cities.(imdb)
No Rating
Down by Law Down by Law (1986)
Summary: DJ Zack and pimp Jack end up in prison for being too laid-back to avoid being framed for crimes they didn't commit.
No Rating
Ghost Dog:  The Way of the Samurai Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)
Summary: In Jersey City, an African American hit man follows "Hagakure: The Way of the Samurai." He lives alone, in simplicity with homing pigeons for company, calling himself Ghost Dog. His master, who saved his life eight years ago, is part of the local mob. When the boss' daughter witnesses one of Ghost Dog's hits, he becomes expendable. The first victims are his birds, and in response, Ghost Dog goes right at his attackers but does not want to harm his master or the young woman... (imdb)
No Rating
Broken Flowers Broken Flowers (2005)
Summary: Resolutely single Don (Murray) has just been dumped by his latest lover (Delpy). Don yet again resigns himself to being alone and left to his own devices. Instead, he is compelled to reflect on his past when he receives by mail a mysterious pink letter. It is from an anonymous former lover and informs him that he has a 19-year-old son who may now be looking for his father. (Focus Features)
No Rating
Dead Man Dead Man (1995)
Summary: On the run after murdering a man, accountant William Blake encounters a strange North American man named Nobody who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world.
No Rating
Permanent Vacation Permanent Vacation (1980)
Summary: In downtown Manhattan, a twenty-something boy whose Father is not around and whose Mother is institutionalized, is a big Charlie Parker fan. He almost subconsciously searches for more meaning in his life and meets a few characters along the way.
No Rating
The Limits of Control The Limits of Control (2009)
Summary: The story of a mysterious loner, a stranger in the process of completing a criminal job.
No Rating
Paterson Paterson (2016)
Summary: Set in the present in Paterson, New Jersey, this is a tale about a bus driver and poet. (imdb)
No Rating
Gimme Danger Gimme Danger (2016)
Summary: Emerging from Ann Arbor Michigan amidst a countercultural revolution, The Stooges powerful and aggressive style of rock-n-roll blew a crater in the musical landscape of the late 1960s. Assaulting audiences with a blend of rock, blues, R&B, and free jazz, the band planted the seeds for what would be called punk and alternative rock in the decades that followed. (Cannes2016)
No Rating
You Are Not I You Are Not I (1981)
Summary: A young woman escapes from a mental hospital during the chaos of a nearby multiple-car accident. She is mistaken for a shock victim and is driven to her sister's house by a rescue volunteer. (imdb)
No Rating
Coffee and Cigarettes Coffee and Cigarettes (1986)  - Short Film
Summary: In a vignette called "Strange to meet you," Roberto sits at a small table in a coffee bar. Five cups of coffee and two ashtrays are in front of him; he drinks and smokes. Steven joins him. They start a conversation about cigarettes and coffee. (IMDB) (imdb)
No Rating
Coffee and Cigarettes II Coffee and Cigarettes II (1989)  - Short Film
Summary: A brother and sister, sitting in a coffee bar, bicker mildly about whose idea it was to come to Memphis and which kind of cigarette is fresher. Danny, their waiter, comes by offering refills; after determining they are twins, he guesses which is the evil one. Without a pause, he sits down and offers his theory about Elvis's twin. He drones on. The good twin finally speaks up, giving her own opinion. The waiter is unfazed. (imdb)
No Rating
Only Lovers Left Alive Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)
Summary: A story centered on two vampires who have been in love for centuries. (imdb)
No Rating
Coffee and Cigarettes III Coffee and Cigarettes III (1993)  - Short Film
Summary: This shortcut repeats the structure of Coffee and Cigarettes. This time, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits meet in a bar. But, again, we don't know why they agreed to do that in the first place, because they don't seem to know each other very well and they don't have much to talk about, so the conversation wanders idly and hilariously as they sip their coffee and smoke cigarettes. (imdb)
No Rating
Coffee and Cigarettes Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)
Summary: A comic series of short vignettes in which Jarmusch delves into the normal pace of the world from an extraordinary angle, showing just how absorbing the obsessions, joys and addictions of life can be.
No Rating
In the Soup In the Soup (1992)
Summary: An aspiring young filmmaker gets involved with an eccentric gangster for the financing of his first film.
No Rating
Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made (1994)
Summary: In 1993, Sam Fuller takes Jim Jarmusch on a trip into Brazil's Mato Grosso, up the River Araguaia to the village of Santa Isabel Do Morro, where 40 years before, Zanuck had sent Fuller to scout a location and write a script for a movie based on a tigrero, a jaguar hunter... (imdb)
No Rating
Straight to Hell Straight to Hell (1987)
Summary: A gang of bank robbers with a suitcase full of money go to the desert to hide out. After burying the loot, they find their way to a surreal town full of cowboys who drink an awful lot of coffee. The townspeople are hostile to the outsiders at first, but seem to accept them once they've killed a couple of people. After a while, a mysterious man named Dade arrives, who seems to have unpleasant business to settle with the robbers. A free-for-all shoot-em-up ensues. (imdb)
No Rating
The Typewriter, the Rifle & the Movie Camera The Typewriter, the Rifle & the Movie Camera (1996)
Summary: In a documentary about Samuel Fuller, the spectator gets different impressions about the Hollywood director and his films. The film is divided into the three sections: The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera. The first segment covers Fuller's past as a newsman where he began as a copy boy and ended as a reporter. Part two describes Fuller's experiences in World War II, in which he participated as a soldier. The last section focuses on Fuller as director... (imdb)
No Rating
Year of the Horse Year of the Horse (1997)
Summary: This film documents Neil Young and Crazy Horse's 1996 concert tour. Jim Jarmusch interviews the band about their long history, and we see backstage footage from the 1970s and 1980s. (imdb)
No Rating
Leningrad Cowboys Go America Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)
Summary: The Leningrad Cowboys, a group of Finnish musicians, and their manager, travel to America seeking fame and fortune. As they cross the country, trying to get to a wedding in Mexico, they are followed by the village idiot, who wishes to join the band. (imdb)
No Rating
Rockets Redglare! Rockets Redglare! (2003)
Summary: Documentary on Rockets Redglare (aka Michael Morra), a colorful figure on the New York City art scene up until his death in 2001. In his life, Redglare was the bodyguard/drug dealer to Sid Vicious and Jean Michel Basquiat, a stand-up comedian (he toured with Steve Buscemi), and an actor in over 30 films, including "Stranger Than Paradise", "Down by Law", and "Mystery Train". (imdb)
No Rating
Sling Blade Sling Blade (1996)
Summary: A southern gothic tale about a man named Karl, who's just been released from an asylum - some 25 years after he committed a gruesome crime. He returns to the southern town of his youth, where his quiet, gentle manner and simple charm land him a job and lead him to an unlikely friendship with a young boy and his widowed mother.
No Rating
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (2004)
Summary: This documentary chronicles Jerry Harvey's emergence as a brilliant programmer at Z Channel, one of the country's first pay cable stations. It also explores Harvey's emotional and psychological descent, which eventually resulted in a shocking murder/suicide and the eventual demise of Z Channel itself. (IFCTV)
No Rating
Divine Trash Divine Trash (1998)
Summary: The life and times of Baltimore film maker and midnight movie pioneer, John Waters. Intercut with a 1972 interview of Waters are clips from his first films and recent interviews with his parents, his brother, Divine's mom, actors and crew, other directors, film critics, a film curator, psychologists, and Maryland's last censor, who shudders at the memory of Waters's pictures. (imdb)
No Rating
R.I.P., Rest in Pieces R.I.P., Rest in Pieces (1997)
Summary: A compelling study of "apocalyptic visionary painter" Joe Coleman, who in turns produces stunningly, chaotically, colorful works of art and biting social commentary. Touching on subjects as diverse as divorce, urban decay, and nuclear weapons, Coleman provides a fresh critique of 21st century America, and Direcrtor Pejo captures it beautifully through the eyes of guests such as Jim Jarmusch and Hasil Adkins.
No Rating
Cannes Man Cannes Man (1996)
Summary: The Cannes Film Festival. It's where deals get made, producers get laid, and stars get paid. It's where all the movie industry meets to buy and sell all the movies on the planet. And it's where the art of the deal can be filled with more laughs than the deal itself. Sy Lerner is the quintessential movie producer, when he makes a bet that he can take any kid off the street and turn him into a superstar overnight using the universal language of the festival: hype. He meets Frank Rhinoslavsky and t (imdb)
No Rating
Song From The Forest Song From The Forest (2014)
Summary: 25 years ago, Louis Sarno, an American, heard a song on the radio and followed its melody into the Central Africa Jungle and stayed. He than recorded over 1000 hours of original Bayaka music. Now he is part of the Bayaka community and raises his pygmy son, Samedi. Fulfilling an old promise, Louis takes Samedi to America. (imdb)
No Rating
Chaplin Today: A King in New York Chaplin Today: A King in New York (2003)  - Short Film
Summary: This documentary is featured on the Chaplin Collection DVD for A King in New York, released in 2003.
No Rating
Fishing with John Fishing with John (1991)  - TV Mini-Series
Summary: Traveling with his special guests to the most exotic and dangerous places on earth, John Lurie battles sharks with Jim Jarmusch off the tip of Long Island, goes ice fishing with Willem Dafoe at Maine's northernmost point, braves the Costa Rican jungle with Matt Dillon, takes Tom Waits to Jamaica, and searches for the elusive giant squid with Dennis Hopper in Thailand. (Criterion Collection)
No Rating
Lee Marvin: A Personal Portrait by John Boorman Lee Marvin: A Personal Portrait by John Boorman (1988)  - TV Movie
Summary: An engagingly personal tribute that is strengthened and weakened by the approach. (imdb)
No Rating
Helsinki Napoli All Night Long Helsinki Napoli All Night Long (1987)
Summary: Alex is Finnish and married to an Italian who works as a taxi driver in Berlin. One night in his taxi come two men with a briefcase full of money. Unluckily for Alex, they are being chased by gangsters whose money was stolen. During the shooting, they get killed, and he must get rid of their bodies. (Written by Karlo)
No Rating
Reel Injun Reel Injun (2009)
Summary: For more than a century, the film industry has depicted North American native people in a variety of ways -- many of them wildly inaccurate. Recently, however, that's begun to change. Director Neil Diamond captures both sides of the coin here. Through interviews with a gallery of actors and directors, including Clint Eastwood, this documentary reveals the film industry's impact on the experiences of native people in the United States and Canada.
No Rating
Blue in the Face Blue in the Face (1995)
Summary: In this follow-up to "Smoke," it's nonstop laughs when a wacky group of locals visits the neighborhood cigar shop, looking for good times ... and finding plenty of hilarious fun! But when the greedy owner threatens to close the shop for good -- and turn it into a trendy vegetarian restaurant -- the neighborhood proves they'll do just about anything to save their favorite hangout! (Miramax)