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Joseph Shiloach

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Diamonds Diamonds (1975)
Summary: Shaw plays a jaded British aristocrat who decides to become a jewel thief in order to get back at his brother (also played by Shaw), a security expert who has constructed an impregnable vault in Israel where a cache of diamonds are stashed. The tired plot concerns the intricate preparations for the diamond theft and the time-consuming task of cracking the safe. Shaw organizes a gang consisting of Roundtree and Hershey. Winters is also on hand as an American widow who tries to seduce Shaw. (allmovie.com)
No Score
Abu el Banat Abu el Banat (1974)
Summary: In this Israeli comedy, a father is afraid that after having sired eight daughters, that he will never produce a son. (allmovie.com)
No Score
Ani Ohev Otach Rosa Ani Ohev Otach Rosa (1972)
Summary: This story centers on the Jewish practice that requires an unmarried brother to marry the childless widow of his dead brother. In this story the younger brother is only 12 years old when his brother dies. The requirement is avoided by a legal fiction, but as time passes in the story, the situation changes. (imdb)
No Score
Jesus Jesus (1979)
Summary: Jesus of Nazareth,the son of God raised by a Jewish carpenter. Based on the gospel of Luke in the New Testament,here is the life of Jesus from the miraculous virgin birth to the calling of his disciples, public miracles and ministry, ending with his death by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman empire and resurrection on the third day (imdb)
No Score
The Ambassador The Ambassador (1984)
Summary: An American ambassador to Israel tries to bring peace to the Middle East, but his efforts are hampered when his wife has an affair with a PLO leader. (imdb)
No Score
Ha-Shoter Azulai Ha-Shoter Azulai (1970)
Summary: Azulai is a policeman in Jaffa, whose incompetence is only matched by his soft-heartedness. His superiors want to send him to early retirement, but he would like to stay on the force, and the criminals of Jaffa don't want to see him leave either... (imdb)
No Score
American Cyborg: Steel Warrior American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993)
Summary: After the nuclear war people are sterile and ruled by the artifical intelligences they created in this violent world. The only woman who was able to give life to a child has to take the child through the dangerous city to the ship to save it. She is followed by an immortal killer robot through all the dangers, and only one guy tries to help her survive and protect her from the killing machine. (imdb)
No Score
Alex Is Lovesick Alex Is Lovesick (1986)
Summary: Israel in the early 1950s, where Alex, who is 13, is growing up. His typical family is made up of a bossy mother, a father who suffers silently, a sweet and kind grandmother, and an odd Persian neighbor who is fighting a never-ending battle with his bald-spot. Alex falls in love with Mimi, a beauty from his class, until Lola, a Polish relative, comes to Israel in search of her lost love. Alex falls head over heels with this woman while she nurtures him. (judaicawebstore.com)
No Score
Hagiga B Hagiga B'Snuker (1975)
Summary: The story is about two twin brothers, Azriel and Gavriel who are in no contact with each other, since they live totally different lives. Azriel is a very religious, naive and good-hearted Jew who works in a fruit shop in Jaffa and leads a very religious life. Gavriel, on the other hand, is a hoodlum and a good-for-nothing hustler... (IMDB Comments)