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Ken'ichi Yajima

Total Credits at Criticker: 9 (Actor)

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    It's the 11th century and the Heian emperor knows that the spirit world is against the continuation of his line. He calls upon the masters of the yin-yang arts to protect him. This band is, however, itself divided by enmity. The envious Doson resents the talented Abe no Srimei, casts a spell on the infant heir and transforms it into a hideous creature. Seimei calls upon supernatural aid and cures the child but Doson works his evil ways once more and creates a demon set to murder both of them.
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    Nishi is a cop whose wife is slowly dying of Leukemia. One of his partners gets shot on the job and is confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life and becomes suicidal (imdb)
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    Several yakuza from Tokyo are sent to Okinawa to help end a gang war. The war escalates and the Tokyo drifters decide to lay low at the beach. (imdb)
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    Akira, a teacher from Tokyo, has just arrived in a small rural town to begin his new job. Soon after arriving, he meets, and begins to fall for, Miki, a papermaker and part of a large and unusual family. When he learns of an ancient legend that the family carries the curse of the Inugami, or Dog God, he brushes it off as silly superstition. After a series of mysterious deaths, however, the townspeople begin to grow restless, and Akira must confront the truth about Miki and her family. (imdb)
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    Kamikaze Taxi
    A young foot soldier in the yakuza seeks revenge when his prostitute girlfriend dies after a session with a high-ranking Japanese politician with a taste for torture. He sets out on a 'kamikaze' mission to kill his bosses and the politician; along the way, he acquires the aid of a taxi driver who has recently returned to Japan after living in South America for several decades and is struggling to cope with poverty and the prejudices of native-born Japanese. (imdb)
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    Paato-taimu tantei 2
    The housewife and other part-time private detective Noriko Yamada old tricks again uncovering mysterious business cases corrupt. But this time will solve adopting the style of "Beatrix Kiddo" (character played Unma Thurman in Kill Bill). (filmaffinity)
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    The Penetrators, the Sun in Kurobe
    Kuramatsu Hitoshi, the supervisor of Kumagai Group's Kuramatsu Team, and Takiyama Kunpei, the assistant manager of Kansai Electric's Kuroyon Building Office, were the two greatest contributors to the completion of Omachi tunnel, the most challenging undertaking in the journey to finish the Kurobe Dam. (imdb)
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    Hello Harinezumi
    Hello Harinezumi (2017) - TV Mini-Series
    Akatsuka Detective Agency stands inconspicuously at Shimo Akatsuka in Tokyo's Itabashi ward, right above a small snack shop run by their landlord. Akatsuka's eccentric chief Kaze Kaoru founded it with her two investigators Goro and Gure in order to take on odd cases that others are reluctant to do anything about. Their motto is "to be compassionate and meddlesome", which leads them to get involved in strange situations with their clients. (imdb)
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    The 15 Year Old Bride to Be
    After being sexually harassed by the Boss' daughter, Kousuke is demoted for an innocent crime. Kousuke, riding his motorcycle north, meets the runaway Ranko, and is forced to take her with him. Ranko, the adopted daughter of the Harada gang boss, was to be forced to marry Harada on her 16th birthday.
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