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Lars Simonsen

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The Rain The Rain (2018)  - TV Series
Summary: After a brutal virus wipes out most of the population, two young siblings embark on a perilous search for safety.
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Barbara Barbara (1997)
Summary: Young vicar Mr. Paul arrives at the Faroe Islands to take up a benefice, and meets the young Barbara, twice married to vicars, and with both husbands laid cold in the grave. Despite the warnings of the surrounding community and his own religious scruples, he falls victim to Barbara's at once innocent and sinful charm. The appearance of the charming and gallant Andreas Heide in Thorshavn puts their love to the severest of tests. (imdb)
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Tro, håb og kærlighed Tro, håb og kærlighed (1984)
Summary: This Danish film is set in 1963, at the height of Beatlemania. Played out against the standard pop-culture backdrop is the story of the friendship between Adam Tonsberg and Lars Simonson. Sequel to August's 1983 film 'Zappa'. (allmovie.com)
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Brotherhood Brotherhood (2010)
Summary: Former Danish servicemen Lars and Jimmy are thrown together while training in a neo-Nazi group. Moving from hostility through grudging admiration to friendship and finally passion, events take a darker turn when their illicit relationship in uncovered. (imdb)