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Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier

Date of Birth: 30 Apr 1956

Country: Denmark

Biography: Lars von Trier is born in 1956 and graduated from The Danish Film School in 1983 and is without a doubt the director who has contributed most to the renewal of Danish film and has made a great impact on the new 1990's generation, not least because of his central role in Dogme 95. Internationally Lars von Trier is also among the danish directors who has drawn attention to Danish film. His cinematic work ranges from avant garde films to innovative explorations of some of the classical film genres. (trust-film.dk)

Total Credits at Criticker: 23 (Actor), 28 (Director), 29 (Writer)

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    Breaking the Waves
    Set in a religious community in the north of Scotland, where a seemingly naive young woman named Bess McNeil (Emily Watson) meets and falls in love with Danish oil-rig worker Jan (Stellan Skarsgaard). Bess and Jan are deeply in love, but Bess finds it difficult to cope when her husband is away on the rig.
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    Dancer in the Dark
    Bjork stars as Selma, a Czech immigrant and single mother working in a factory in rural America. She is losing her eyesight and her 10 year-old son stands to suffer the same fate if she can't put away enough money to secure him an operation.
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    The beautiful fugitive Grace arrives in the isolated Dogville on the run from a team of gangsters. With some encouragement from Tom, the self-appointed town spokesman, the little community agrees to hide her and in return, Grace agrees to work for them.
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    A film director and a script writer write a screenplay in which an epidemic spreads throughout the world. What they fail to notice is that at the very same time a real epidemic is developing around them.
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    The Five Obstructions
    Lars von Trier, true to form, has a bizarre way of showing his regard for mentor Jørgen Leth whose 1967 short film "The Perfect Human", he claims to have seen 20 times. Von Trier challenges Leth to remake the film following an increasingly difficult set of "obstructions".
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    The Idiots
    A group of people gather at a house in a Copenhagen suburb to bring out the "inner idiot" in themselves.
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    Medea (1988) - TV Movie
    A shocking look into the disturbed mind of a woman who has been scorned and left. Medea's revenge is horrible but never unbelievable. She does what every sane person would do, when deprived of all that she loves.
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    Dear Wendy
    Focusing on a group of young people in a poverty-stricken coal mining town somewhere in the American south-east, Dear Wendy is an audacious and stylish exploration of guns and violence in America. (Wellspring Media)
    Probable Score
    Manderlay is a plantation where a group of people are living as if slavery hadn't been abolished 70 years earlier. Upon leaving Dogville in 1933, Grace and her father head far south to the state of Alabama where they arrive upon the bizarre place.
    Probable Score
    Just after WW2, an American takes a railway job in Germany, but finds his position politically sensitive with various people trying to use him. (imdb)
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    The Element of Crime
    Fischer, an ex-cop, returns to his old beat somewhere in northern Europe after a thirteen-year hiatus in Cairo... (imdb)
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    The Kingdom
    The Kingdom (1994) - TV Mini-Series
    The Kingdom is the most technologically advanced hospital in Denmark, a gleaming bastion of medical science... (imdb)
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    De Udstillede
    A documentary about Lars Von Triers living exhibition Psykomobile 1.
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    The Boss of It All
    An IT company hires an actor to serve as the company's president in order to help the business get sold to a cranky Icelander.
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    Nocturne (1980) - Short Film
    A woman with a light sensitive condition sits in her dark room talking on the phone with an unseen man. They talk about the weather and her upcoming flight as we look around her darkened flat... (IMDB Comments)
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    De Unge år: Erik Nietzsche sagaen del 1
    A semi-autobiographical account of Lars Von Trier's early life that follows the misadventures of a young, rebellious student who has aspirations of becoming a film director.
    Probable Score
    A grieving couple retreats to their cabin 'Eden' in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. (imdb)
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    Set in the chaotic final days of World War II, shortly after Denmark was liberated on May 4, 1945.
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    Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth. (imdb)
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    Dimension 1991-2024
    This is an abandoned film project by Lars von Trier. He was supposed to film 3 minutes of film, unscripted, every year for 33 years. (imdb)
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    The Orchid Gardener
    Lars von Trier submitted this film as part of his application to film school...The film, as its subtitle says, tells "part of the story of Victor Marse", an artist (played by Lars himself). (KG)
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    Nymphomaniac: Volume 1
    A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating. (imdb)
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    Nymphomaniac: Volume 2
    The second part of the two-part version of von Trier's Nymphomaniac.
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    Nat, skat
    Nat, skat (1968) - Short Film
    Early short film by Lars von Trier when he was 12 years old.
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    Menthe (1979) - Short Film
    Even more so than The Orchid Gardener, this film anticipates Lars von Trier's later work. The cross-wielding figure who emerges in the final shot before the end title in The Orchid Gardener appears here as "the Jew" who keeps the garden in the cloister where Menthe's would-be mistress attempts to make her "remember" the things that they have lived together in a series of images that play with expectations about dominance. (KG)
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    The House That Jack Built
    The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer over the course of 12 years and depicts the murders that truly develop Jack as a serial killer. (imdb)
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    Kingdom Hospital
    The Kingdom Exodus
    Set in the neurosurgical ward of Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet nicknamed "Riget" (lit. 'the realm' or 'the kingdom'), the show follows a number of characters, both staff and patients, as they encounter bizarre phenomena, including supernatural. Third part of von Trier's trilogy.
    Probable Score
    The Kingdom II
    Set in the neurosurgical ward of Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet, the city and country’s main hospital, nicknamed “Riget”, “Riget” means “the realm” or “the kingdom” and leads one to think of “dødsriget”, the realm of the dead.
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