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Leos Carax

Country: France

Total Titles at Criticker: 12 - You've Seen 12

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Gradiva Gradiva (2014)  - Short Film
Summary: Rodin's sculpture The Thinker is a sentient being. (imdb)
No Score
Holy Motors Holy Motors (2012)
Summary: We follow 24 hours in the life of a being (DL) moving from life to life like a cold and solitary assassin moving from hit to hit. In each of these interwoven lives, the being possesses an entirely distinct identity: sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes youthful, sometimes old to the point of dying; sometimes destitute, sometimes wealthy. By turns murderer, beggar, company chairman, monstrous creature, worker, family man... (mubi.com)
No Score
Mister Lonely Mister Lonely (2007)
Summary: In Paris, a young American (Luna) who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe (Morton), who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin (Lavant) and her daughter, Shirley Temple. (imdb)
No Score
King Lear King Lear (1987)
Summary: Everything returns to normal after Chernobyl. That is, everything but art. Most of the great works are lost, and it is up to people like William Shakespeare Junior the Fifth to restore the lost artwork of the human race. (imdb)
No Score
A Casa A Casa (1997)
Summary: A contemplative ode to the home. The home as a centre of everyday routine and relationships. The home with all it's comings and goings. The home as a centre of unions and separations.The home as a centre of life that shelters its inhabitants from a wedding, a funeral, fireworks... Each character who lives, passes, enters or leaves the home, each room plays it's own role. (festival-cannes.com)
No Score
My Last Minute My Last Minute (2006)  - Short Film
Summary: Carax was asked for a one minute film, by the Vienna Film Festival. (youtube)
No Score
Sans titre Sans titre (1997)  - Short Film
Summary: In 1997, for it's fiftieth anniversary, the Cannes Film Festival asked Leos Carax for a short film, a kind of postcard addressed to the festival, in which the director would give news of himself and of his film project "Pola X". (imdb)
No Score
Pola X Pola X (1999)
Summary: A young writer becomes intrigued with a mysterious dark-haired woman who claims to be his long-lost sister and he begin an unusual relationship with her prompting a downward spiral involving his domineering mother and lovely fiancée (imdb)
No Score
The Lovers on the Bridge The Lovers on the Bridge (1991)
Summary: Set against Paris' oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf, while it was closed for repairs, this film is a love story between two young vagrants (imdb)
No Score
Boy Meets Girl Boy Meets Girl (1984)
Summary: Leos Carax's (Pola X, Lovers on the Bridge) brilliant feature debut follows the relationship of an aspiring filmmaker (Denis Lavant), who has just been left by his lover and a suicidal young woman (Mireille Perrier), who is also reeling from a failed romance.
No Score
Tokyo! Tokyo! (2008)
Summary: "TOKYO!," the dynamic new film by three of world cinema's great visionaries: Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-ho. A uniquely entertaining modern-day triptych, "TOKYO!" explores Japan's multifaceted capital city through three indelible stories: a Kafkaesque fable about a young woman's bizarre physical transformation; an arch-punk mini-monster-movie in which a man rises from the sewers to wreak havoc on the city; and a beguiling tale about a hermit who ventures outside in search of love. (movieweb.com)
No Score
Mauvais Sang Mauvais Sang (1986)
Summary: In Paris in the near future. Aging thieves Marc and Hans owe money to a tough American woman who gives them two weeks to pay. They scheme to steal and sell a new serum for a disease that's killing lovers, but they need someone with quick steady hands. They recruit Alex, a disaffected youth who's breaking up with Lise, his 16-year-old girlfriend. In the few days before the theft, Alex becomes enchanted with Anna, Marc's young mistress. They talk, they play, they sing, but she's in love with Marc. (imdb)