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Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Total Credits at Criticker: 12 (Actor), 3 (Director), 1 (Writer)

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    The Code
    Dris (Le Bihan) returns to a quiet life with his devoted fiancé after serving four years in prison. However, when Yanis, a childhood friend, lures him into one more heist, Dris can't refuse. (Sony)
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    Henry can not help himself: he must vagabond, that scheming, plotting it ... He can not do anything, it is his nature! Dirty tricks, compromises, lies, betrayals are daily this popular guitarist ball province. And nothing repugnant: to detain her sister depressive rob the grieving mother of a dead friend, to compromise with a party of the extreme right... (Wikipedia)
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    The story of four friends: the Greek (osteopath), Fifi (who lives with her mother, and is a concierge), Fortuné (the West Indian who works at the Cogex), and Freddy. They frequent a Parisian horsetrack, Le Balto.
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    La première étoile
    Jean-Gabriel, from the Caribbean, dreaming with his mates in the pub of stardom, instead of worrying about work. He promises his family their first ski holiday of their lifes - even though he has just gambled away the last money!
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    a déjà tes yeux, Il
    The story centres on a French couple of Senegalese and Martinique origins who are offered a white baby for adoption. (screendaily.com)
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    A 44 year old guy gets out of jail and wants to become an actor.
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    Why Do They Hate Us
    A six-part documentary series presenting a changing view of racism, discrimination against women, the poor, homosexuals and minorities: Arab and Jewish in France.
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    Le gang des Antillais
    A gun to be heard, a pen to make yourself understood. The identical course of four young West Indians men who arrived to Paris in the 70's. (imdb)
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    Playing Dead
    A has-been actor takes a job playing the victims in a homicide reenactment, where he sparks with the civil officer investigating the real-life crime. (imdb)
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    Bruno and Maryline move into a small town of the French Apls, chasing their dream for a better life. But their primary enthusiasm becomes disappointment, anger and jealousy.
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    13 m²
    Jose is looking for a way out of his small time banlieue deals. When he overhears a conversation between his girlfriend and his step-brother,he might just have found a very lucrative way.Together with his two best friends,he decides to attack an armored vehicle, full of cash. But everything goes wrong and they're forced into hiding,in a 13 square meters bunker. There, they will have to test their friendship, their motivations, as every move outside triggers even more paranoia.
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    La Traversée
    Neighborhood educators, Alex and Stephanie take five out-of-school teenagers on a Mediterranean crossing to reintegrate them through the values of the sea. But when they arrive at the port, they meet Riton, their skipper, a former cop from the BAC, who has left everything to escape the suburbs. These young people are his worst nightmare. Forced to do so, they all find themselves embarked on the same boat for a two-week trip at sea. One thing is sure, after this crossing, they won't have the same
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