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Marc Norman

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Oklahoma Crude Oklahoma Crude (1973)
Summary: With the help of a hired hand, a woman fights off a conglomerate out to steal her oil well. (TCM.com)
No Score
The Challenge The Challenge (1982)
Summary: A down-and-out American boxer becomes involved in a feud between two Japanese brothers. (imdb)
No Score
Zandy Zandy's Bride (1974)
Summary: Zandy Allan purchases a mail-order bride, Hannah Lund. He treats her as a possession, without respect or humanity, until their shared ordeal as they struggle to survive develops in him a growing love. (imdb)
No Score
The Killer Elite The Killer Elite (1975)
Summary: Mike Locken is one of the principle members of a group of freelance spies. A significant portion of their work is for the C.I.A. and while on a case for them one of his friends turns on him and shoots him in the elbow and knee. His assignment, to protect someone, goes down in flames. He is nearly crippled, but with braces is able to again become mobile. For revenge as much as anything else, Mike goes after his ex-friend. (imdb)
No Score
The Aviator The Aviator (1985)
Summary: A 1920s mail pilot and a rich man's daughter crash-land on a mountain full of hungry wolves. (imdb)
No Score
Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Summary: Shakespeare in Love is a romantic comedy for the 1990s set in the 1590s. It imaginatively unfolds the witty, sexy and timeless tale behind the creation of the greatest love story ever told. (Miramax Films)