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Marguerite Duras

Country: France

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Les Enfants Les Enfants (1984)
Summary: A seven year old 'child' (played by an adult) decides to leave school declaring that listening to the other pupils discussing their studies for a while has allowed him to acquire enough knowledge. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Le Camion Le Camion (1977)
Summary: Marguerite Duras and Gerard Depardieu read a script about a truckdriver who picks up a middleaged woman on the road. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Un barrage contre le Pacifique Un barrage contre le Pacifique (2008)
Summary: A troubled mother's spirit crumbles when her adult children strike out for independence. Feeling abandoned she contemplates taking drastic action. (imdb)
No Score
Il Dialogo di Roma Il Dialogo di Roma (1982)
Summary: A man and a woman converse while the film shows images of Rome. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
L L'homme atlantique (1981)
Summary: An experimental film about viewing with your eyes closed.
No Score
Le Navire Night Le Navire Night (1979)
Summary: Each night in Paris, hundreds of men and women anonymously use telephone lines that date from the German Occupation and are no longer listed to talk to each other, to love each other. These people, shipwrecked lovers, are dying to love, to escape the abyss of solitude. (filmsdulosange)
No Score
Agatha et les lectures illimitées Agatha et les lectures illimitées (1981)
Summary: The story of the love between Agatha and her brother who are inseparable. There are few images - endless sands, the sea, the passing of a ship. The two voices speaking of their love in the narration supply all the images necessary. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Moderato cantabile Moderato cantabile (1960)
Summary: A wealthy and bored woman (Moreau) is witness of a murder in affection and meets another witness (Belmondo). She asks him about the history of the victim and falls in love with him. (imdb)
No Score
The Sailor from Gibraltar The Sailor from Gibraltar (1967)
Summary: Alan, after quarreling with his girlfriend Sheila, becomes to be intrigued by Anna, a mysterious widow who's searching a sailor known many years before. Alan and Anna begin the search on board a yacht bound for Greece, but they don't find the sailor, while Louis de Mozambique, after a stop in Africa, joins the party and suggests that the sailor may never have existed other than in Anna's mind. (imdb)
No Score
Maydays Maydays (1978)
Summary: The film observes both students and workers protesting in the streets and the activities of the various assemblies and committees within the Sorbonne. Although it risks reifying and fetishizing the revolutionary past, the film offers an invaluable and comprehensive vision of this rupture in everyday reality.
No Score
Une minute pour une image Une minute pour une image (1983)  - TV Series
Summary: Visual essay about one image in one minute.
No Score
Orage Orage (2015)
Summary: Pierre and Maria, a Parisian couple, travel to Spain with their daughter and her friend. When a violent storm hits they must settle for the night in a tiny hotel in a small Andalusian city. This small city has been the scene of a crime of passion. The police search the murderer, an immigrant worker. The whole city is aroused by this murderous act which roused resentment and a dangerous desire for vengeance... (imdb)
No Score
Nuit noire, Calcutta Nuit noire, Calcutta (1964)  - Short Film
Summary: In Calcutta, an alcoholic writer is faced with the impotence of creation. (fr.wikipedia.org)
No Score
This Angry Age This Angry Age (1958)
Summary: A struggling French family in the Mekong delta during corrupt colonial days. A mother who does what she can to make ends meet, and a son who goes slightly astray. (Eric Sayettat)
No Score
10:30 P.M. Summer 10:30 P.M. Summer (1966)
Summary: Restless married couple Maria (Melina Mercouri) and Paul (Peter Finch) take a road trip through Spain with their friend Claire (Romy Schneider). While Paul and Claire carry on a clandestine affair, Maria becomes obsessed with a recent murder in a small town along the way. What begins as a vacation ends as a meditation on tragedy and infidelity. (Netflix)
No Score
Aurelia Steiner (Melbourne) Aurelia Steiner (Melbourne) (1979)  - Short Film
Summary: Based on the letters of a fictitious poetess to her lover. Duras reads extracts from these letters,as the film shows a boat journey down the Seine, past familiar bridges and landmarks. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Aurélia Steiner (Vancouver) Aurélia Steiner (Vancouver) (1979)  - Short Film
Summary: Based on the letters of a fictitious poetess to her lover. Duras reads extracts from the letters, about the poetess's Jewish past, while the film shows stark waves beating against the seashore. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
L L'Amant (1992)
Summary: In 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man, each knowing that knowledge of their affair will bring drastic consequences to each other. (imdb)
No Score
Nathalie Granger Nathalie Granger (1972)
Summary: Brings together the brooding presence of two women, a sense of crisis surrounding daughter Nathalie's abandonment of her piano lessons and violent conduct at school, and a flailing washing machine salesman.
No Score
Détruire dit-elle Détruire dit-elle (1969)
Summary: A professor, his wife, a student, and a married woman travel to a hotel on the edge of the forest for a week-long vacation. The forest represents the world outside their experiences and spheres of influence. When they enter the forest, their thoughts, words and actions become one. The married woman's husband comes to collect her although she is not ready to rejoin the real world. (all movie guide)
No Score
En rachâchant En rachâchant (1982)  - Short Film
Summary: The child Ernesto doesn't want to go to school any more because, as he says, all he is taught there is things he doesn't know. (imdb)
No Score
The Long Absence The Long Absence (1961)
Summary: During WW2, Thérèse lost her husband; he had been reported missing in Germany. In her small bistro, she is still waiting, waiting... One days she spots a tramp on the street (George Wilson). Might he be the one? (IMDB Comments)
No Score
Mademoiselle Mademoiselle (1966)
Summary: In a French village, Manou is an Italian logger, virile, with a broad laugh. He can't say no to women's sexual invitations... (imdb)
No Score
India Song India Song (1975)
Summary: It is a love story, in the Indies, during the 30's, in an overpopulated town located on the Ganges's verges. It is the monsoon season. Two days of this story are evocated. Faceless voices speak about this story. They remember it more or less... (festival-cannes.fr)
No Score
Jaune le soleil Jaune le soleil (1972)
Summary: A worker named David, is charged with the killing of a Jew in exchange for dogs owned by the Jew. Thereafter various conversations ensue during which it is shown that Jews seem to talk a different language (bfi.org)
No Score
La musica La musica (1967)
Summary: The meeting of a divorced couple in a small provincial town and their discussion of what had been their married life. Adapted by Duras from her own play. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Les Mains négatives Les Mains négatives (1978)  - Short Film
Summary: Duras narrates a short story while the camera travels through the streets of Paris with short interludes of solemn music.
No Score
Cesarée Cesarée (1978)  - Short Film
Summary: Short film with images of sculptures.
No Score
Baxter, Vera Baxter Baxter, Vera Baxter (1977)
Summary: A study of a cold, remote thirtyish woman whose husband, a building operator, has practically sold her to get rid of a gambling debt. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert (1976)
Summary: Film consists almost entirely of images of the deserted, deteriorating Rothschild palace near Reims. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
La femme du Gange La femme du Gange (1974)
Summary: Story of three lovers told with voice over narration.
No Score
Des journées entières dans les arbres Des journées entières dans les arbres (1976)
Summary: An eccentric, rich little old lady visits Paris to lure her prodigal son back to the colonies and the family's business empire. (bfi.org.uk)
No Score
Hiroshima mon amour Hiroshima mon amour (1959)
Summary: 1959. A French young woman has spent the night with a japanese man, at Hiroshima where she went for the shooting of a film about peace... (imdb)