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Michael Bates

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Hammerhead Hammerhead (1968)
Summary: Hammerhead is a dangerous international criminal suspected by British Intelligence of trying to steal NATO defense secrets. In desperation, a young, charming soldier of fortune is called in to match wits and guts in man-to-man combat with Hammerhead. His name is Charles Hood and he operates in London (the wilder parts) and moves on to the Portuguese coast in pursuit of Hammerhead and pursued by pert, kooky London model Sue Trenton. (imdb)
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Last of the Summer Wine Last of the Summer Wine (1973)  - TV Series
Summary: Three old men from Yorkshire who have never grown up face the trials of their fellow town citizens and everyday life and stay young by reminiscing about the days of their youth and attempting feats not common to the elderly. (imdb)
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Don Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968)
Summary: An American plans to bilk the British out of some considerable money with the help of an English con artist. (imdb)
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Salt and Pepper Salt and Pepper (1968)
Summary: A tale of two London nightclub owners, Charlie Salt (Davis) and Christopher Pepper (Lawford), who become embroiled in the plot of a mad colonel who is in possession of a nuclear bomb. Along the way, Salt and Pepper are dogged by a curmudgeonly Scotland Yard inspector (Michael Bates). (Google)
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The Stone Tape The Stone Tape (1972)  - TV Movie
Summary: A research team from an electronics company move into an old Victorian house to start work on finding a new recording medium. When team member Jill Greeley witnesses a ghost, team director Peter Brock decides not only to analyse the apparition, which he believes is a psychic impression trapped in a stone wall (dubbed a "stone tape"), but to exorcise it too - with terrifying results... (imdb)
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Patton Patton (1970)
Summary: "Patton" tells the tale of General George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. The film begins with patton's career in North Africa and progresses through the invasion of Germany and the fall of the Third Reich. Side plots also speak of Patton's numerous faults such his temper and habit towards insubordination. Faults which would, eventually, lead to his being relieved as Occupation Commander of Germany. (imdb)
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Bedazzled Bedazzled (1967)
Summary: Stanley is a short order cook, infatuated with Margaret, the statuesque waitress who works at Whimpy Burger with him (imdb)
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Frenzy Frenzy (1972)
Summary: A serial killer is murdering London women with a necktie. The police have a suspect... but he's the wrong man. (imdb)
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A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange (1971)
Summary: A savage and satiric morality play centering on Alex, who fights, robs, rapes and kills like any conscienceless predator. Captured and imprisoned, he undergoes treatment to condition him "safe", a "clockwork orange" healthy and whole on the outside - but crippled within by reflex mechanisms beyond his control.