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Missy Crider

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Butterfly Dreaming Butterfly Dreaming (2008)
Summary: Anxious dreams, hallucinations, and paranoid reality torment a young math professor in the aftermath of his wife's death in a car accident. As madness, addiction and affairs send the story spiraling towards its conclusion, the truth about what really happened to the professor's wife comes into focus. (imdb)
No Score
Desperate Justice Desperate Justice (1993)  - TV Movie
Summary: A girl is beaten and raped by someone from the school, but he doesn't go to prison because there is no proof about it. Now, the girl's mother tries to reveal the truth... (imdb)
No Score
Visions of Terror Visions of Terror (1994)  - TV Movie
Summary: Dr. Jesse Newman (Barbara Eden) is assigned to treating David (Michael Nouri) a grieving policeman who lost his partner in a shootout. It seems the case is solved, until a lucky coin belonging to David's partner triggers a revealing series of psychic visions for Dr. Newman. The visions not only implicate the killer, but also reveal the sordid habits of San Francisco's business and political elite.
No Score
Alien Cargo Alien Cargo (1999)  - TV Movie
Summary: Two crew members of a cargo transport ship, Chris McNiel (Jason London) and Theta Kaplan (Missy Crider) discover that they've been woken up from hyper-sleep by the on-board computer ten months past the scheduled time. The systems are damaged, there's almost no fuel left and the members of the previous shift apparently killed each other.
No Score
Girls in Prison Girls in Prison (1994)  - TV Movie
Summary: Framed for the murder of a record company president in 1952 Hollywood, young, aspiring singer Aggie O'Hanlon is sentenced to life in prison and tries to adjust to her life life behind bars in a hellish womens prison where she is befriended by other "lifer" inmates who help her out when Aggie finds herself marked for murder by an unknown source who thinks she knows more about the murder than she does. (imdb)
No Score
Instinct to Kill Instinct to Kill (2001)
Summary: Escaped serial killer James Becket, who killed his own father whose expectations he never fulfilled, but now especially targets his wife Theresa 'Tess' and her family, is too good at disguising himself and other deceit for detective Diffs task force. Only one man proves able to fight back in his league: former cop J.T. Dillon, who was already training Tess in self-defense and becomes her lover. Becket decides to find hiding place by kidnapping Diffs wife, and thus enforce a final show-down. (imdb)
No Score
Quicksilver Highway Quicksilver Highway (1997)  - TV Movie
Summary: Two tales of terror, told by a travelling showman. (imdb)
No Score
The Sex Monster The Sex Monster (1999)
Summary: A neurotic L.A. building contractor (Mike Binder in his best Woody Allen imitation) pushes his wife (Mariel Hemingway) into entering into a three way sexual relationship. Unfortunately for him, his wife gets more out of it than he does and becomes a tigress seducing every female she meets including the contractor's secretary. (imdb)
No Score
The Beast The Beast (1996)  - TV Movie
Summary: Mysterious things happen at the coast of Graves Point: An empty boat lies at the shore, divers vanish. The sea biologist Dr. Talley thinks he knows the solution of the mystery: In the depth there is a gigantic squid. (imdb)
No Score
A Boy Called Hate A Boy Called Hate (1995)
Summary: Steve is a maladjusted Los Angeles teenager who renames himself "Hate" following a run-in with the local police. He lives with his father, who is bilking a former employer in a workers compensation fraud scheme. One evening while taking a motorcycle ride, Hate witnesses what appears to be an attempted rape. (wikipedia)
No Score
Gigli Gigli (2003)
Summary: In this unconventional romantic comedy, low-level hood Larry Gigli (Affleck) is given an assignment that gets him in way over his head and Ricki (Lopez), a gorgeous free spirited female enforcer is sent in to assist him. (Sony)