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Monica Guerritore

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Stato interessante Stato interessante (1977)
Summary: Three grotesque episodes where the main theme it's abortion as experienced by women of different social status: Carla, wife of a rich industrial, Annabella La Monica, a sicilian woman and Patrizia, wife of a very poor man. (beatrecords)
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Come non detto Come non detto (2012)
Summary: Matthia is about to move to Madrid by his boyfriend Eduard, so you do not have to reveal to the family of being gay. Eduard, however, is convinced that their marriage has the blessing of all family members. When the day before leaving for Spain, Eduard announces his arrival in Rome to know the "laws", Matthia must choose whether to finally come clean with his companion, or confess to being a formidable liar. (imdb)
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Fotografando Patrizia Fotografando Patrizia (1984)
Summary: The sexual relationship between a successful woman and her brother, an introvert, hypochondriacal youth, who is also a pornophile. (themoviedb.org)
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La bella gente La bella gente (2009)
Summary: An Italian couple take a young Ukrainian girl into their summer home after rescuing her from desperate situation. What starts as a simple act of kindness soon becomes much more complicated.
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The Executrix The Executrix (2017)
Summary: A discontented New York family woman called unexpectedly to Tuscany to execute her estranged mother's Will. There, she deciphers visions of her forgotten childhood and confronts a spectral "Lady in Red," whose dark secret unlocks a terrifying destiny. (imdb)
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Lovers and Other Relatives Lovers and Other Relatives (1974)
Summary: Teenaged boys fantasize about having sex with women in this Italian sex comedy, and they often succeed. Sandro takes his father's housekeeper to bed not long before she becomes his step-mother. As a temporary lifeguard at the beach, he courts the large coterie of sex-starved wives left at the beach for the summer by their hard-working husbands who only visit them on weekends.
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Più bello di così si muore Più bello di così si muore (1982)
Summary: Spartaco living in Rome, his wife Amelia is pregnant and he is unemployed; they are staying with her brother, Agenore, who wastes no opportunity to remind him of his generosity. Spartaco tries to find work, but he keeps getting propositioned by men, because of his good looks. He doesn't like this at all, because he considers himself to be a red-blooded heterosexual. Eventually he is persuaded to dress as a woman and to go on the street to earn a living; reluctantly he does so. (tg-films.info)
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Sensi Sensi (1986)
Summary: In this softcore drama, Manuel (Gabriele Lavia) is a hitman who gets rid of a list of names (he thinks) and kills off the man contracted to kill him, then hops a plane to Italy. He lands in a high-class bordello that houses not only professional hookers but part-time prostitutes whose lives outside the brothel are seemingly quite respectable. (answers.com)
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Amo non amo Amo non amo (1979)
Summary: Fans of Jacqueline Bisset and Maximilien Schell will fare much better but may struggle to find much to enjoy. The pair snarl and bark at each other in an "I don't care, if you don't care contest" in which they both use third parties to antagonise and provoke each other whilst displaying some uncertain parenting skills. (imdb)
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Man in a Hurry Man in a Hurry (1977)
Summary: Alain Delon plays a married man whose drive for success and power blinds him to conventional morality. If he can climb to the top of his profession by being cold and ruthless, why not satisfy his sexual appetites in the same manner. (Allmovie)
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Il seme della discordia Il seme della discordia (2008)
Summary: The beautiful Veronica owns an upscale women's clothing boutique in Naples and has a handsome but faithless husband Mario who is a fertilizer salesman. The man is infertile and the couple is childless. (imdb)
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Un Giorno perfetto Un Giorno perfetto (2008)
Summary: The story of a woman who tries to take charge of her life and a policeman, her husband, unable to accept the end of his marriage, obsessed by the memory of his wife, his children, his lost family...