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Montgomery Clift

Date of Birth: Oct 17, 1920

Country: USA

Biography: Edward Montgomery Clift (October 17, 1920 - July 23, 1966) was an American film and stage actor. The New York Times' obituary noted his portrayal of "moody, sensitive young men". He invariably played outsiders, "often victim-heroes," - examples include the social climber in George Stevens's A Place in the Sun, the anguished Catholic priest in Hitchcock's I Confess, the doomed regular soldier Robert E. Lee Prewitt in Fred Zinnemann's From Here to Eternity..(Wikipedia)

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Freud Freud (1962)
Summary: This pseudo-biographical movie depicts 5 years from 1885 on in the life of the Viennan psychologist Freud (1856-1939). At this time, most of his colleagues refuse to cure hysteric patients, because they believe they're just simulating to gain attention. But Freud learns to use hypnosis to find out the reasons for the psychosis. His main patient is a young woman who refuses to drink water and is plagued by always the same nightmare. (imdb)
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Wild River Wild River (1960)
Summary: A young field administrator (Montgomery Clift) for the TVA comes to rural Tennessee to oversee the building of a dam on the Tennessee River. He encounters opposition from the local people, in particular a farmer who objects to his employment (with pay) of local black laborers. Much of the plot revolves around the eviction of an elderly woman from her home on an island in the River, and the young man's love affair with that woman's widowed granddaughter. (imdb)
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Indiscretion of an American Wife Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953)
Summary: A married American woman has gotten involved with another man while visiting relatives in Rome. She decides that the time has come to break off the relationship, and she makes plans to return home to her husband. But she soon realizes that she is not at all sure about what she wants to do, and she continues to agonize over her decision. (imdb)
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The Search The Search (1948)
Summary: A silent nine-year-old Czech boy, a survivor of Auschwitz, flees a refugee center in postwar Germany and is found by an American G.I. At the same time, the boy's mother, the sole surviving member of his family, searches refugee centers for her son. Time, distance, and the massive numbers of refugee children are factors hampering the reunion of mother and son. (imdb)
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Raintree County Raintree County (1957)
Summary: Idealist John Wickliff Shawnessy (Montgomery Clift) drifts away from his high school sweetheart Nell Gaither (Eva Marie Saint) and enters into a passionate, but loveless, marriage with Susanna Drake (Elizabeth Taylor) a wealthy New Orleans belle... (imdb)
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The Defector The Defector (1966)
Summary: Montgomery Cliff (in his last role) plays James Bower, an American physicist visiting West Germany who's recruited by a shady CIA agent, named Adam, to help them with the defection of a Russian scientist. But an East German secret agent, named Peter Heinzeman, learns of Bower's meeting with Adam and threatens Bower to mind his own business, while Bower learns of a back story to all this involving stolen microfilm that each side wants. (imdb)
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The Big Lift The Big Lift (1950)
Summary: Experiences of two Air Force sergeants during the 1948 Berlin Airlift. (imdb)
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The Young Lions The Young Lions (1958)
Summary: The destiny of two soldiers during World War II. The German officer Christian approves less and less of the war, while the American GI Ackerman climbs the military hierarchy. (imdb)
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Lonelyhearts Lonelyhearts (1958)
Summary: A sanitized adaptation of Nathanael West's masterpiece.
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From Here to Eternity From Here to Eternity (1953)
Summary: In 1941 Hawaii, a private is cruelly punished for not boxing on his unit's team, while his captain's wife and second in command are falling in love. (imdb)
No Score
The Heiress The Heiress (1949)
Summary: A young naive woman falls for a handsome young man who her emotionally abusive father suspects is a fortune hunter. (imdb)
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A Place in the Sun A Place in the Sun (1951)
Summary: It really looks like George Eastman can at last have his place in the sun. A chance meeting with a long lost uncle has led to a job with a future and the beautiful and well bred Angela Vickers is just as infatuated with him as he is with her (imdb)
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Judgment at Nuremberg Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)
Summary: In 1948, an American court in occupied Germany tries four Nazi judges for war crimes. (imdb)
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The Misfits The Misfits (1961)
Summary: Roslyn divorces Ray in Reno and then meets widower Guido. He likes her but introduces her to cowboy Gay, and those two fall in love. (imdb)
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Suddenly, Last Summer Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)
Summary: The only son of wealthy widow Violet Venable (Hepburn) dies while on vacation with his cousin Catherine (Taylor). What the girl saw was so horrible that she went insane; now Mrs. Venable wants Catherine lobotomized to cover up the truth. (imdb)
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I Confess I Confess (1953)
Summary: Otto Kellar and his wife Alma work as caretaker and housekeeper at a Catholic church in Quebec. Whilst robbing a house where he sometimes works as a gardener, Otto is caught and kills the owner (imdb)
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Red River Red River (1948)
Summary: Dunson is driving his cattle to Red River when his adopted son, Matthew, turns against him. (imdb)