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Jesus Jesus (1979)
Summary: Jesus of Nazareth,the son of God raised by a Jewish carpenter. Based on the gospel of Luke in the New Testament,here is the life of Jesus from the miraculous virgin birth to the calling of his disciples, public miracles and ministry, ending with his death by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman empire and resurrection on the third day (imdb)
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The Galilee Eskimos The Galilee Eskimos (2006)
Summary: An old Kibbutz isolated in the Hills of Galilee in Israel find itself immersed in deep debt and threatened by lawsuits from bankers and creditors to the point of bankruptcy. Twelve senior citizens awake in the kibbutz old people's home to discover they have been deserted and left to fend for themselves. The group initially sink into deep depression, but later begin to organize an effective communal unit. They begin to rebuild the kibbutz. (imdb)
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The Rashevski Tango The Rashevski Tango (2003)
Summary: Adolphe 'Dolfo' Rashevski travels to Israel with grandson Ric, but his brother, orthodox rabbi Samuel 'Shmouel, refuses to come attend their fellow Auschwitz survivor sister Rosa's funeral. Back in their home, the whole well-integrated family and their 'gojim' (non-Jewish and would-be) partners regularly wrestle with the meaning of Jewish blood, traditions and religion... (imdb)
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The Fox in the Chicken Coop The Fox in the Chicken Coop (1978)
Summary: In this Israeli satire, a well-known labor politician is forced to spend some time recuperating in a mountain village for reasons of health. He is outraged to discover that the people there take little interest in politics and have no knowledge of him and his importance. Undeterred, he sets out to transform the attitudes of the villagers and succeeds only too well. By the time he has left, political in-fighting is as much a local sport in the village as it is in Tel Aviv. (allmovie.com)
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Yana Yana's Friends (1999)
Summary: Three parallel strories of immigrants in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War and about coming together while sealed in a room during the Scud attacks.
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Ervinka Ervinka (1967)
Summary: Following the international success of his classic Sallah Shabbati, Ephraim Kishon once again combined his witty brand of social satire with the talents of Chaim Topol to create a memorably comic Israeli anti-hero. As the title character, a good-natured but incorrigible layabout, Topol becomes embroiled in a plot to rob the Israeli lottery, all the while indulging his boundless zeal for mischief and romance. (imdb)
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Voyages Voyages (1999)
Summary: This film follows the travels of three elderly Jewish women whose lives have been touched by the Holocaust. First, Rivka (Shulamit Adar) is in Poland with her husband, and, when their tour bus breaks down, so does her mental stability. Then, in Paris, Regine (Liliane Rovère) receives word that her father, who she thought had perished in the camps, is alive in Lithuania. Finally, Vera (Esther Gorintin) voyages from Russia to Israel to find her cousin, but is taken aback by cultural differences.