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Nadir Saribacak

Country: Turkey

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Gönülçelen Gönülçelen (2010)  - TV Series
Summary: Gönülçelen is inspired by Bernard Shaw's play 'Pygmalion' and its film adaptation 'My Fair Lady'. The series transports the scene to Istanbul where both Murat and Hasret, the two main characters, live. Murat is thirty years old and a successful musician and music educator who was born and raised in Istanbul. He comes from a long line of respected, rich and noble people. The female protagonist Hasret - on the other hand - was born and raised in one of Istanbul's most impoverished neighborhoods
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Bes Kardes Bes Kardes (2015)  - TV Series
Summary: This is one of the five brothers, not like in the slightest way to another. (imdb)
No Score
Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (2015)  - TV Series
Summary: A Turkish television sequel to the 2011 Turkish television period drama Muhteşem Yüzyıl. Written by Yılmaz Şahin, Nüket Bıçakçı and Sevgi Yılmaz, it recounts the life of Kösem Sultan, a slave girl who became one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history after she was captured and sent to the harem of Sultan Ahmed I (Wikipedia)
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Şubat Şubat (2012)  - TV Series
Summary: It is a long told story about underground of Istanbul streets. (imdb)
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Rapunzel Rapunzel (2010)  - Short Film
Summary: Kız, ÖSS yüzünden yüksek apartman dairesine hapsedilmiştir. Oğlan ise sokaklarda balon satmak yerine bir banka oturup balonların gökyüzüne yükselişini izlemeyi tercih etmektedir. Bir gün, gökyüzüne saldığı balonlar kızın ders çalıştığı odanın camının önünden geçer, kız cama çıkar ve masal başlar. Sessiz sinema dönemine, özellikle Chaplin'e saygı sunumu olan film, Rapunzel masalının günümüze uyarlanmış şeklidir. (youtube)
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Ivy Ivy (2015)
Summary: After months without pay, the already disgruntled crew on a Turkish cargo ship arrives in an Egyptian port and learns that the port authority is foreclosing on them. Ordered to anchor offshore, the remaining skeleton crew has their passports seized and must maintain the vessel until its owner's debts are paid... (sundance.org)
No Score
Winter Sleep Winter Sleep (2014)
Summary: Aydin, a former actor, runs a small hotel in central Anatolia with his young wife Nihal with whom he has a stormy relationship and his sister Necla who is suffering from her recent divorce. In winter as the snow begins to fall, the hotel turns into a shelter but also an inescapable place that fuels their animosities... (imdb)
No Score
Gise Memuru Gise Memuru (2010)
Summary: Kenan is a 35-year-old toll booth attendant still living with his father who suffers from heart disease. Shy and withdrawn, he prefers to live in his own head rather than engaging with the people around him. he works at a busy toll station, and is known to talk to himself occasionally while working. As with everyone else, his relationship with his father is one of reserve and distance. (www.aksav.org.tr)
No Score
Kosmos Kosmos (2010)
Summary: Kosmos is a thief and a miracle-worker. He appears one morning in a tiny, snowbound border village where he is welcomed with open arms - on account of arriving just in time to resuscitate a small boy who would otherwise have drowned. Neptün, the boy's sister, and Yahya, his father, are all too willing to take the stranger under their wing. But Kosmos values his independence too much. He queers his pitch still further when he openly declares himself to be in search of love. (Berlinale)
No Score
Yük Yük (2012)
Summary: Based on a true story, the film is about a man who has committed murder and is therefore hiding in a mine. Zeynep, the leading female protagonist, is the common denominator of the story, in which the director explores the psychologies of two men: Cemal, who regrets having committed a murder, and Cumali, who is pursuing the murderer in order to kill him, yet is scared actually to do so. (Official Press Release)
No Score
Yozgat Blues Yozgat Blues (2013)
Summary: Yavuz is a music teacher at a course offered by the municipality and he sings old French chansons at shopping malls. One of his students, Neşe, demonstrates products at supermarkets. Upon receiving a job offer, Yavuz moves to Yozgat with Neşe. Even though they try hard to promote their show with the help of the barber's apprentice Sabri and his radio host friend, the music they make doesn't attract much interest from the locals. (IKSV)
No Score
Thou Gild Thou Gild'st the Even (2013)
Summary: In a small Anatolian town, Cemal -who can see through the walls- has no expectation out of life and looks for a way out with Yasemin -who can move objects with her fingers- as he is trying to deal with the distress that fell on his. However, Defne, who can freeze time will muddle things up; Yasemin's immortal boss' actions will contradict the invisible elementary school teacher's advices who is trying to eliminate the worries of Cemal. (IKSV)
No Score
Uzak ihtimal Uzak ihtimal (2009)
Summary: Muezzin Musa falls for his neighbor, the Catholic nurse Clara. The story gets even more exceptional when Musa meets Yakup, who turns out to be connected with Clara. (imdb)