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Najwa Nimri

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Todo lo que tú quieras Todo lo que tú quieras (2010)
Summary: Leo is immediately set adrift by his new found responsibilities as a single parent, a feeling that is made doubly distressing when Dafne, herself understandably confused and heartbroken by her mother's absence, asks for an "artificial" mother to help her fall asleep at night. It is here that Mañas takes the road less traveled, but to write any more about the plot line he introduces would be unfair to both the viewer and filmmaker alike. (imdb)
No Score
También la lluvia También la lluvia (2010)
Summary: Filmmaker Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal) travels to Bolivia to shoot a film about the Spanish conquest of America. He and his crew arrive during the tense time of the Cochabamba water crisis. The lines between past and present, fiction and film, become increasingly blurred... (Wikipedia)
No Score
Utopía Utopía (2003)
Summary: Utopia has an intriguing premise that it unfortunately fails to live up to. The film revolves around Adrián, a young clairvoyant who is a member of a mysterious group called Utipia. The aims of the group are to protect people who will make the world a better place, from threats on their life foreseen by Adrián. But the young man leaves the group after a failed attempt to stop one of the members from a killing spree, resulting in the death of a police inspector's wife and daughter. (freebird-64)
No Score
Salto al vacío Salto al vacío (1995)
Summary: Alex is a 20 year old girl that mantains her family with the illegal arms trade. (Filmaffinity)
No Score
Verbo Verbo (2011)
Summary: "Verbo" tells the story of Sara, a 15 years old girl with a sixth sense. (Filmaffinity)
No Score
Mataharis Mataharis (2007)
Summary: Three women will have to cross the thin line dividing public and private matters. (Written by La Iguana 2007 (imdb)
No Score
Room in Rome Room in Rome (2010)
Summary: A hotel room in the center of Rome serves as the setting for two young and recently acquainted women to have a physical adventure that touches their very souls. (imdb)
No Score
Asfalto Asfalto (2000)
Summary: With beautiful Madrid as a backdrop, this stylish thriller chronicles the escapades of winsome Lucía (Najwa Nimri), her thuggish beau, Chino (Gustavo Salmerón), and their pal Charly (Juan Diego Botto) as the trio pursues a lucrative life of crime. All the while, Chino's bluecoat brother (Alfredo Villa) attempts to keep his sibling on the right side of the law -- a scenario Chino exploits to rat out his two comrades for personal profit. (Netflix)
No Score
Lovers of the Arctic Circle Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)
Summary: Otto and Ana are kids when they meet each other. Their names are palindromes. They meet by chance, people are related by chance... (imdb)
No Score
Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes (1997)
Summary: A very handsome man finds the love of his life, but he suffers an accident and needs to have his face rebuilt by surgery after it is severely disfigured. (imdb)
No Score
Fausto 5.0 Fausto 5.0 (2001)
Summary: On his way to a medical convention, Dr Fausto runs into a man who claims the Doctor removed his stomach eight years ago in a surgical operation. Against all odds, he is still alive. The man turns up repeatedly and promises Fausto to make all his wishes come true. Reality starts dissolving and Fausto begins to loose control. (imdb)
No Score
The Method The Method (2005)
Summary: A mysterious corporation has a vacancy and seven eager businessmen and women are called upon at the same time to be interviewed for the position. They are shown into a room by the firm's offbeat secretary where they are informed that they shall all partake in a bizarre test known as the Grönholm Method. They are also told that one of the seven applicants is in fact the interviewer, who shall remain anonymous to the other six... (imdb)
No Score
Oviedo Express Oviedo Express (2007)
Summary: A theater troupe arrives in the beautiful northern Spanish city of Oviedo to stage an adaptation of Leopoldo Alas' 19th-century classic, "La Regenta." The group includes arrogant egomaniac Benjamin Olmo, married to prima donna Mariola Mayo, and depressive alcoholic Alvaro Mesia, who's hopelessly in love with Mariola. Ernesto de Villamarin is the mayor of Oviedo, married to young doctoral student Emma. Emma's mother, wacky widow Mina, claims Emma's father was an angel... (movies.yahoo.com)
No Score
Piedras Piedras (2002)
Summary: The film tells the parallel, conflicting trajectory of five women: Anita, Isabel, Adela, Leire, and Maricarmen. All are endeavoring to remove the stones (piedras) that insistently appear in their path or, worst, that are in their shoes. They are five Cinderellas in search of prince charming and a new chance in life. (imdb)
No Score
Sex and Lucia Sex and Lucia (2001)
Summary: Lucia is a young waitress in Madrid. After the loss of her long-time boyfriend, a writer, she seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island, where she begins to discover the dark corners of her past relationship.