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Nazan Kesal

Country: Turkey

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Kaygı Kaygı (2017)
Summary: A thirty year old woman, Hasret, has been seeing the same nightmare for some time. Through recurring nightmares, a question creeps into her mind: Is it possible that her parents did not die in a car crash? (imdb)
No Score
Delibal Delibal (2015)
Summary: Dramatic love story between two college student.
No Score
Kirik Kalpler Bankasi Kirik Kalpler Bankasi (2017)
Summary: Based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, set in Istanbul, the tragic story of three heroes chasing an unlikely dream, running towards their sad end in a Shakespearean manner. (imdb)
No Score
Kardeşim Benim Kardeşim Benim (2016)
Summary: Two resentful, singer brothers take a journey with their dead father's old car in order to carry out his bequest which is to sing at a wedding in Urla.
No Score
Tuzdan Kaide Tuzdan Kaide (2018)
Summary: A reclusive woman in her thirties leads a life frozen in time in a cave-like room. In her rare trips to the city, she chats with an oarswoman haunted by the devils. She searches for her twin sister in unfrequented corners of the city. In this journey in which time and space are out of joint, a same dream is recounted time after time. (imdb)
No Score
Toz Bezi Toz Bezi (2016)
Summary: Nesrin and Hatun are two Kurdish cleaning women living in Istanbul. While Nesrin tries to survive with her little daughter, trying to understand why her husband left her, Hatun dreams of buying a house in the district where they clean. (imdb)
No Score
Daire Daire (2014)
Summary: In the hard-boiled world, where will the soft-shelled end up? A cozy kind of extermination is on the stage and keeping a low profile. The decadence around us is nothing less than clandestine annihilation of the civil man. Yet it is carried out so well with a grinning face, it is officially sold as transition. (imdb)
No Score
Climates Climates (2006)
Summary: A gorgeous rumination on the fragility and complexity of human relationships. (Zeitgeist Films)
No Score
Vicdan Vicdan (2008)
Summary: The film was inspired by the third page news, focusing on scandal, family tragedies and sexual escapades gone wrong in Turkey's lower class. 'Vicdan' takes us to rural Turkey, to the impending doom of a love triangle. (Turkish Daily News)
No Score
Istanbul kanatlarimin altinda Istanbul kanatlarimin altinda (1996)
Summary: The story takes us back to the 17th century Istanbul, and the powerful times of the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Sultan Murad IV. Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi, Logari Celebi, Bekri Mustafa and Evliya Celebi are four good friends who do research to enable human beings to fly. (imdb)
No Score
Saç Saç (2010)
Summary: Hamdi lives alone and works as a wigmaker in Tarlabasi in central Istanbul. All he has to his name is an old jaloppy of a car. He spends his days and nights in his shop which is also his home, watching the cars go by and the prostitute working her beat across the street. He knows he has terminal cancer and his only wish is to travel somewhere outside of Turkey before he dies. (aksav.org.tr)
No Score
Distant Distant (2002)
Summary: A photographer who is haunted by the feeling that the gap between his life and his ideals is growing finds himself obliged to put up in his apartment a young relative who has left behind his village looking for a job aboard a ship in Istanbul to go abroad.