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Neriman Köksal

Country: Turkey

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Titles You've Ranked (28)
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No Score
Metres Metres (1983)
Summary: The story of a very wealthy man and his mistress.
No Score
Günesten de sicak Günesten de sicak (1987)
Summary: Love story with Aphrodite
No Score
Sekreter Sekreter (1985)
Summary: love story between a rich man's son and his new secretary. father tries to prevent their union
No Score
Islak mendil Islak mendil (1982)
Summary: A film with the same name of an album by Ümit Besen.
No Score
Davetsiz misafir Davetsiz misafir (1983)
Summary: A comedy flick with Metin Akpınar and Zeki Alasya
No Score
Uyaniklar dünyasi Uyaniklar dünyasi (1985)
Summary: A naive man is robbed by a crook man
No Score
Iliski Iliski (1983)
Summary: The love between a famous model and a junkie man
No Score
Ne olacak simdi Ne olacak simdi (1979)
Summary: The funny love and marriage story of 4 people 2 of who is a couple that want to divorce and the other 2 are their attorneys.
No Score
Hayat Kadini Hayat Kadini (1986)
Summary: Sevda is a high-class prostitute. She lives five days of filth and two days of purity every week. She loves a poor guy and decides to leave behind her sins.
No Score
7 evlat iki damat 7 evlat iki damat (1973)
Summary: The story of a crowded family with seven children and two new sons-in-law
No Score
Fosforlu Cevriye Fosforlu Cevriye (1959)
Summary: It is based on a novel and a pioneer in yesilçam melodrama
No Score
Allah allah Allah allah (1987)
Summary: A famous singer meets a beautiful girl who is indeed the sister of his girlfriend
No Score
Haram Haram (1983)
Summary: A working class girl is between two men. She decides to run away with the driver
No Score
Bedel Bedel (1983)
Summary: A rich banker, defrag a poor neighborhood resindents' money. Born in this neighborhood, even though the young lawyer to request to get their defence but his boss don't allow this because as a result he will lose his money.
No Score
Saka Yapma Saka Yapma (1981)
Summary: Advertisers begin a campaign to save Zeki's remaining days
No Score
Cingöz recai Cingöz recai (1954)
Summary: Turkish comedy crime thriller. Turkey is a kind of Arsene Lupin.
No Score
Örümcek Adam Örümcek Adam (1966)
Summary: The adventures of Örümcek Adam (The Spider Man) between crime networks and police
No Score
Güllü geliyor Güllü Güllü geliyor Güllü (1973)
Summary: Kumcular and Kumcuogullari are two families from the Black Sea region of Turkey and they have a blood feud between them for long years. Güllü (Türkan Soray) comes to Istanbul with his gun to kill Ali (Ediz Hun) from the other family.
No Score
Gençlik rüzgari Gençlik rüzgari (1964)
Summary: Two childhood friends grow up in a same city and when they became adults they keep their friendships till the fate seperates their ways...
No Score
Saffet beni affet Saffet beni affet (1976)
Summary: Turkish comedy from the 70s... one of Sadri Alisik's best
No Score
Arka Sokaklar Arka Sokaklar (1963)
Summary: The story of a woman who lost her child years ago and later fell into prostitution
No Score
Aci Gurbet Aci Gurbet (1988)
Summary: A poor family emigrates to Germany to work. The little daughter has a talent for singing
No Score
Seni kalbime gömdüm Seni kalbime gömdüm (1982)
Summary: Woman is unhappily married with a businessman. She encounters a painter at holiday and a love affair develops between them
No Score
Sevgili dayim Sevgili dayim (1977)
Summary: A Turkish love story
No Score
Hamza Dalar Osman Calar Hamza Dalar Osman Calar (1977)
Summary: It's the story of the relationship between pilaf cooker Hamza and unsuccessful composer Osman.
No Score
Çalikusu Çalikusu (1966)
Summary: Feride is the orphaned daughter of an army officer, and as a teenager attends Lycee Notre Dame de Sion in the winter, and stays with one of her late mother's sisters during the summer holidays. She is given the nickname "the Wren" during her time at school for her vivacity and mischief, two characteristics considered unusual and even a bit inappropriate for Muslim girls at that time. She gets engaged to her charming cousin, Kamran. She remains desperately in love with Kamran. (en.wikipedia.org)
No Score
Fakir gencin romani Fakir gencin romani (1965)
Summary: It is the story of a boy who works in grocery but studies engineering. He also loves a rich girl
No Score
Sekerpare Sekerpare (1983)
Summary: This movie is one of the most spectacular jobs the Turkish movie sector has ever come up with. The movie is semi-musical. However, what you can call funny in this movie is mostly achieved by using different accents of Turkish and maybe the most common cultural patterns, including beautiful classical Turkish music with lyrics changed according to the script. (imdb)