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Nicole Grimaudo

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L L'amore fa male (2011)
Summary: Germana always falls in love for married men and Elisabetta has only ever been with her husband who leaves her because he is gay. Their lives cross and they resolve their problems each discovering a new way to love
No Score
Buongiorno papà Buongiorno papà (2013)
Summary: Andrea is a Roman manager, who lives in an apartment with his friend Paolo, who works playing the clown at birthday parties. One day Andrea receives a girl of 17 in his home, who claims to be his daughter. The life of Andrea is upset, but he will be forced to become a father, and to take responsibility with his new family. (Wikipedia)
No Score
Ferdinando and Carolina Ferdinando and Carolina (1999)
Summary: On his death bed in the 1820s, King Ferdinando I of Naples tries to escape the ghosts of his bloody kingship by remembering his younger days, when he was allowed to go hunting and have fun, and inventing love games. Then he was obliged to marry Mary Caroline of Austria, daughter of Empress Mary Theresa, in a political marriage: unexpectedly, they became happy lovers, until court power games divided them, and a different historical season arrived. (imdb)
No Score
Mine vaganti Mine vaganti (2010)
Summary: Mine vaganti tells us the unpredictable story of an Italian pasta manufacturer family, with their strong family and moral patterns.
No Score
Baarìa Baarìa (2009)
Summary: Baaria is Sicilian slang for Bagheria where Tornatore was born and this is an autobiographic epic of three generations in the Sicilian village where he was born. (imdb)
No Score
Un Giorno perfetto Un Giorno perfetto (2008)
Summary: The story of a woman who tries to take charge of her life and a policeman, her husband, unable to accept the end of his marriage, obsessed by the memory of his wife, his children, his lost family...