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Nilperi Sahinkaya

Total Credits at Criticker: 12 (Actor)

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    Kiraz Mevsimi
    Öykü's biggest dream was to become a successful stylist. She is living in the neighborhood with her mother and her little brother. She falls in love with her best friend Burcu's brother Mete. But Mete has never looked at her twice. One day, Mete falls in love with her friend Seyma. And then Öykü gives up on Mete. Öykü meets Mete's partner Ayaz coincidentally. Ayaz is funny and handsome. Ayaz tries everything to be with Öykü.
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    Erşan Kuneri
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    Kuzgun (2019) - TV Series
    Kuzgun's family life changes completely as a result of the caliper held against his father, who is a police. Kuzgun will fall into a bondage, pain, anger, and struggle that will last 20 years. (imdb)
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    Aynen Aynen
    Aynen Aynen (2019) - TV Mini-Series
    The series tells the story of Emir and Nil's entertaining relationship by explaining the relationship between men and women in a humorous as well as realistic language.
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    Karakomik Filmler: Kaçamak
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    A young policeman has just left his duty; wants to do a little cleaning in his hunting shack before his daughter arrives, meets a strange man. (imdb)
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    Yeni Hayat
    Yeni Hayat (2020) - TV Series
    Adem is an ex-special forces solider who is hired to work as a bodyguard for Yasemin, Timur's wife. (imdb)'
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    Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek
    Derin and Ali are two people from different worlds. Derin is the daughter of a rich man, on the otherside Ali is a 28 years old boy who saw his mom being killed by his dad when he was young. So rauf anne took him as his son and now after many years he is back to istanbul , where he will meet derin and they start to enjoy time with each other. (imdb)
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    Yasamayanlar (2018) - TV Series
    The story will begin in Istanbul in the 1800s and stretch daily. Mia will work with young rebels to destroy Dmitry, which will cross the road at a luxurious nightclub in Istanbul.
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    Kayip (2013) - TV Series
    A young boy Karim suddenly gets kidnapped by falko his dad's unknown enemy in order to get even with his dad (Gerald) for snatching his girlfriend away from him (imdb)
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    Do Not Disturb: Ayzek ile Bir Gece
    Ayzek, who has been a waiter on ferries for years, becomes unemployed due to the pandemic and eventually finds a job at a hotel on the night shift. However, who knows what will happen to Ayzek on his first night. (imdb)
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    Derin Mor
    Derin Mor (2023) - TV Series
    Arif and his daughter Ela try to escape from the city by ambulance with their neighbor Melek and a group of people, due to the great chaos in the city after an explosion on the Sun. This journey, which will be full of confrontations for everyone, literally reconnects Arif, who has been crushed under modern life for years, to life. (imdb)
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