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Ozan Güven

Ozan Güven

Country: Turkey

Total Credits at Criticker: 19 (Actor), 1 (Writer)

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    Cops question six people about the rape and murder of a beautiful vagrant (imdb)
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    A slick young Turk kidnapped by extraterrestrials shows his great humanitarian spirit by outwitting the evil commander-in-chief of the planet of G.O.R.A. (IMDB)
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    On a misty morning, an old bus leaves Batum to go to Istanbul. As the bus stops at various places on the way, Russian women of all ages and professions, each with a unique tale, board. In this bus full of women, there are three Turkish men. Three brothers who have come together after many years to carry their father's last wish... (imdb)
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    The adventures of Arif who goes to Paleolithic Period this time.
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    Yahsi bati
    Ottomans go to USA for a mission and events occur..
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    Ejder kapani
    A serial killer hunts down released ex-cons convicted of pedophilia in a setting where corridors represent the mind and the city is a corridor! (imdb)
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    Yildiz tepe
    Yildiz tepe (2000) - TV Movie
    Sevgi has been sent to near her relatives in Turkey by her parents because of the war in Bosnia.She begin to hear some weird screams in the house.By the way she has already fallen in love with the elder son of this big house.
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    Pek Yakinda
    Pirated DVD seller Zafer who is formerly an extra in movies; swore to give up illegal works when his wife wanted to get divorce. To win his family back, he and his old-fashioned crew decided to make a movie called "Summit - The End Of Evil" which is a fantastic science fiction movie and couldn't be shot since 1977. A funny, entertaining and emotional journey awaits him who waded into this adventure with his unqualified crew. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Ikinci Bahar
    Ikinci Bahar (1998) - TV Series
    One day, a mother of two children, Hanim starts to work in "Antep Sofrasi"; a Turkish kebab restaurant which a father of three girls Ali Haydar owns. While he is thickheaded, a bit angry, but kind, honest and generous; she is quick tempered but so sentimental and fragile also. They fell in love; to live their "Second Chance"s in life.
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    Bir Istanbul masali
    The series is made into 71 episodes. It takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. The events of the story are taken from the film Sabrina... (imdb)
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    Canim ailem
    Canim ailem (2008) - TV Series
    Samim takes the responsibility of his family
    Probable Score
    Koçum benim
    Koçum benim (2002) - TV Series
    A high school drama with Ko as the coach of school's basketball team.
    Probable Score
    Hirsiz polis
    Hirsiz polis (2005) - TV Series
    A young woman called Mavi is forced to steal cars for spare parts on behalf of her boss Aksak, acted by Ugur Yucel, a master of acting. She is an outcast however with a good hearth and responsibilities. Her older brother is a chronic gambler, divorced from her wife and with two children. At an unexpected occasion she meets Cinar, the police detective investigating the mysterious stealing of cars. Cinar has trouble with his family life.
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    Annemin Yarası
    Upon turning eight-teen, Salih leaves the orphanage to find his lost family and begins working in a Serbian farm. Suddenly, at the most unexpected moment he has found a home. Will he ever be able to let go of the ghosts of his past and be happy in this new life? As tension escalates disquieting secrets surface. A gripping tale of family, love and identity, My Mother's Wound follows Salih as he searches for a trail of hope amongst war-torn lives. (imdb)
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    Fi (2017) - TV Series
    The story of those who pursue passion, those who fly at the expense of burning, and those who stand up against life in pain. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Arif v 216
    After 8 years, Arif's old friend 216 from planet GORA pays a visit to Earth.Together they go on a quest where they'll be visiting 70's. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Babil (2020) - TV Series
    The series explores the life of Irfan, an idealistic professor who is upset by his unfair dismissal and is trying to care for his sick son. As the doors close one by one, Irfan finds himself in the middle of a dark adventure that he can't escape. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Karakomik Filmler: Emanet
    Karakomik Films consists of two different films called Deli and Emanet
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