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Paul Schrader

Country: USA

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The Last Temptation of Christ The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
Summary: At his execution, Jesus is tempted by an alluring image of a peaceful and pleasant life with Mary Magdelene to try to get him to refuse the sacrifice he must make (imdb)
No Score
City Hall City Hall (1996)
Summary: The accidental shooting of a boy in New York leads to an investigation by the Deputy Mayor, and unexpectedly far-reaching consequences. (imdb)
No Score
The Mosquito Coast The Mosquito Coast (1986)
Summary: An eccentric and dogmatic inventor sells his house and takes his family to Central America to build an ice factory in the middle of the jungle... (imdb)
No Score
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver (1976)
Summary: A mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran works as nighttime taxi driver in a city whose perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out. (IMDB.com)
No Score
Raging Bull Raging Bull (1980)
Summary: When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter portrayed in this Martin Scorsese film by Robert De Niro. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it's his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone... (imdb)
No Score
Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog (2016)
Summary: Carved from a lifetime of experience that runs the gamut from incarceration to liberation, Dog Eat Dog is the story of three men who are all out of prison and now have the task of adapting themselves to civilian life. (imdb)
No Score
First Reformed First Reformed (2017)
Summary: An ex-military chaplain (Hawke), is wrecked by grief over the death of his son. Seyfried plays a member of his church whose husband, a radical environmentalist, commits suicide, setting the plot in motion. (imdb)
No Score
Bringing Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
Summary: Surrounded by the injured and the dying, EMS paramedic Frank is dwelling in an urban night-world, crumbling under the accumulated weight of too many years of saving and losing lives. The film follows Frank over the course of fifty-six hours in his life as he reaches the very brink of spiritual collapse and redemption.
No Score
Obsession Obsession (1976)
Summary: New Orleans businessman Michael Courtland's life is shattered when his wife and daughter are tragically killed in a botched kidnap rescue attempt... (imdb)
No Score
Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder (1977)
Summary: Major Charles Rane comes back from the war and is given a number of gifts from his hometown because he is a war hero. (imdb)
No Score
The Rules of Film Noir The Rules of Film Noir (2009)  - TV Movie
Summary: Matthew Sweet explores his rules of 1940s and 50s American film noir thrillers: *Choose a dame with no past and a hero with no future *Use no fiction but pulp fiction *See America through a stranger's eyes *Make it any colour as long as it's black *It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it (imdb)
No Score
Milius Milius (2013)
Summary: A look at the life of filmmaker,John Milius. (imdb)
No Score
Hitchcock/Truffaut Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015)
Summary: Filmmakers discuss how Francois Truffaut\'s 1966 book \"Cinema According to Hitchcock\" influenced their work. (imdb)
No Score
De Weg naar Bresson De Weg naar Bresson (1984)
Summary: This is two films at once- it is a record of the filmmakers trying to land Bresson for an interview, all while explaining to us what is so unique about his movies. (surrealmoviez.info)
No Score
The Jesuit The Jesuit (2018)
Summary: A man nicknamed "the Jesuit," is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. When his wife is murdered and his son kidnapped and taken to Mexico, he devises an elaborate and dangerous plan to rescue his son and avenge the murder. (imdb)
No Score
The Yakuza The Yakuza (1974)
Summary: Harry Kilmer returns to Japan after several years in order to rescue his friend George's kidnapped daughter - and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza, the notorious Japanese mafia... (imdb)
No Score
Old Boyfriends Old Boyfriends (1979)
Summary: John Belushi was the high school sweetheart who ruined her reputation with lies. Richard Jordan was the collage lover that she almost married. (imdb)
No Score
Dying of the Light Dying of the Light (2014)
Summary: Evan Lake, a desk-bound Langley CIA agent, is forced into retirement by signs of early onset dementia. At the same time he discovers his former tormentor, Jihadist Muhhamed Banir, is not dead as assumed for two decades but is alive and receiving experimental medical treatment. Banir's exact location is unknown. With the help of a disgraced young agent Evan sets out to track down Banir. He must confront him before it is too late. (imdb)
No Score
The Canyons The Canyons (2013)
Summary: When Christian, an LA trust-fund kid with casual ties to Hollywood, learns of a secret affair between Tara and the lead of his film project, Ryan, he spirals out of control, and his cruel mind games escalate into an act of bloody violence. (imdb)
No Score
Hardcore Hardcore (1979)
Summary: A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the sordid underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter whom is making porno films in the porno pits of Los Angeles. (imdb)
No Score
American Gigolo American Gigolo (1980)
Summary: Julian makes a lucrative living as an escort to older women in the Los Angeles area. He begins a relationship with Michelle... (imdb)
No Score
Cat People Cat People (1982)
Summary: The Cat People originated way back in time, when humans sacrificed their women to Leopards, who mated with them... (imdb)
No Score
Blue Collar Blue Collar (1978)
Summary: Three workers, Zeke, Jerry and Smokey, are working at a car plant and drinking their beers together. One night when they steal away from their wives to have some fun they get the idea to rob the local union's bureau safe (imdb)
No Score
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)
Summary: A fictionalized account in four segments of the life of Japan's celebrated twentieth-century author Yukio Mishima... (imdb)
No Score
Auto Focus Auto Focus (2002)
Summary: Biography of Bob Crane, star of the television series "Hogan's Heroes," from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Crane befriends John Carpenter, who works for Sony and has access to video equipment, and the pair become increasingly involved in picking up girls and recording the results on videotape.
No Score
Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005)
Summary: At an archaeological dig in Africa, Father Lankester Merrin has his first encounter with the devil incarnate. Merrin has focused on archeology, rather than spiritual matters and is intrigued when a church buried beneath the sand is excavated. Inside, he finds many signs of devil worship. To a great extent, he has lost his faith and is particularly haunted by events during the Nazi occupation and the impact of his decisions had on his parishioners. When the devil occupies the body of a young patient in the village hospital, Merrin risks his life to save him. (imdb)
No Score
The Comfort of Strangers The Comfort of Strangers (1990)
Summary: An English couple holiday in Venice to sort out their relationship. There is some friction and distance between them... (imdb)
No Score
Light Sleeper Light Sleeper (1992)
Summary: A drug dealer with upscale clientele is having moral problems going about his daily deliveries. A reformed addict, he has never gotten over the wife that left him, and the couple that use him for deliveries worry about his mental well-being and his effectiveness at his job. Meanwhile someone is killing women in apparently drug-related incidents. (imdb)
No Score
Forever Mine Forever Mine (1999)
Summary: An affair between a cabana boy and the young wife of a sinister politician triggers a 16-year vendetta between the two men. (imdb)
No Score
Touch Touch (1997)
Summary: Former monk Juvenal (Skeet Ulrich) returns to Los Angeles after many years away and begins work at a rehab center, where he discovers stigmata on his palms and a miraculous gift for healing. As word gets out, con man Bill Hill (Christopher Walken) sends his accomplice, Lynn Faulkner (Bridget Fonda), to infiltrate Juvenal's world and find out whether he's the real deal. Of course, she falls for him. This comedy is based on a novel by Elmore Leonard.
No Score
Light of Day Light of Day (1987)
Summary: The siblings Patty and Joe live in an industrial suburb. While Patty's ambition is their rock band "The Barbusters" only, Joe also cares for the family and the upbringing of Patty's young son Benji. Their pious mother reproaches them for their way of life, especially when they quit their jobs and go on tour, taking Benji with them. (imdb)
No Score
Witch Hunt Witch Hunt (1994)  - TV Movie
Summary: In a twisted 1950's where everyone does magic, a private detective investigates a murder case without it. (imdb)
No Score
Adam Resurrected Adam Resurrected (2008)
Summary: "Adam Resurrected" follows the story of Adam Stein, a charismatic patient at a mental institution for Holocaust survivors in Israel, 1961. He reads minds and confounds his doctors, lead by Nathan Gross. Before the war, in Berlin, Adam was an entertainer--cabaret impresario, circus owner, magician, musician--loved by audiences and Nazis alike until he finds himself in a concentration camp, confronted by Commandant Klein... (imdb)
No Score
The Walker The Walker (2007)
Summary: An escort (Harrelson) who caters to Washington D.C.'s society ladies becomes involved in a murder case. (imdb)
No Score
Patty Hearst Patty Hearst (1988)
Summary: The true story of a rich girl who was abducted by American revolutionaries in the 1970's. Her time spent with her captors made her question herself and her way of life and she joined forces with the cause that her abductors were fighting for. This created a US scandal and Patty Hearst has become a pop culture fixture. (imdb)
No Score
Affliction Affliction (1997)
Summary: An emotionally shattering drama about a man (Nolte) who has taken several wrong turns in his life and who now finds himself on a collision course with his own destiny. (Lions Gate Films)