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0 film ratings
Peter Bark

Country: Italy

Total Titles at Criticker: 5 - You've Seen 0

Picture submitted by edkrak

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Titles You Haven't Rated (4)
Ordered by Year | PSI
Vai alla grande (1983)
Story revolves around a quartet of anarchic youngsters, who walk around town doing coordinated dance moves, or emulating the Beatles' iconic crosswalk stance on the cover of their "Abbey Road" LP. (imdb)
Probable Score
Not Enough Info
Liquirizia (1981)
Two boys, one from a working class background, the other from a well-to-do professional family, are about to leave school. They arrange a party to celebrate, with the intention of making off with the funds.
Probable Score
Not Enough Info
Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)
A professor opens a crypt and reanimates rotten zombies. The zombies attack a jet-set-group which is celebrating a party in a villa nearby... (imdb)
Probable Score
Not Enough Info
Arrivano i gatti (1980)
Four young comedians from Verona ('I Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli') go to Rome trying to achieve big success on cinema or TV. (imdb)
Probable Score
Not Enough Info