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Rodney Dangerfield

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Back by Midnight Back by Midnight (2002)
Summary: Prison warden Jake Puloski (Rodney Dangerfield) feels dejected when the budget he's created for a grand prison renovation project is declined by his manager, Eli Rockwood (Randy Quaid). Unwilling to work in the dilapidated building any longer, Jake decides to turn the jail into a lavish country club instead. Will his risky plan work, or will he lose his job in the process?
No Score
Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? (1998)  - TV Movie
Summary: An examination of the career of the late comedian Sam Kinison. (imdb)
No Score
Rover Dangerfield Rover Dangerfield (1991)
Summary: A Vegas show dog gets ditched in the sticks and ends up working on a farm (imdb)
No Score
Nothin Nothin' Goes Right (1988)  - TV Movie
Summary: Rodney Dangerfield has a showcase of comics including himself, Robert Schimmel and Andrew Dice Clay, among others. (imdb)
No Score
The 4th Tenor The 4th Tenor (2002)
Summary: A restaurant owner falls in love with an opera singer and, desperate to impress her, travels to Italy to learn how to sing. (imdb)
No Score
Where Where's Rodney? (1990)  - TV Movie
Summary: A 13-year-old boy looks for advice and inspiration from his idol, stand-up comic Rodney Dangerfield.
No Score
The Projectionist The Projectionist (1971)
Summary: A projectionist bored with his everyday life begins fantasizing about his being one of the superheroes he sees in the movies he shows.
No Score
The Godson The Godson (1998)
Summary: This satire on mafia pictures tells the story of the Calzones, a mob family having some troubles (including a serious lack of smarts). Guiseppe Calzone, aka "The Guppy," has taken over the family business after his older brother dies, but his aging father realizes he's not the right man for the position. Dad ships Guiseppe off to Mafia University, but leaders of other crime families see this as an opportunity to move in, and soon an all-out war breaks out. (allmovie.com)
No Score
Casper: A Spirited Beginning Casper: A Spirited Beginning (1997)
Summary: Casper tells the story of how he became such a good-natured ghost. (imdb)
No Score
Meet Wally Sparks Meet Wally Sparks (1997)
Summary: Wally Sparks is a tabloid TV show reporter who's trying to boost ratings on his show. He goes to the governor's mansion to uncover a sex scandal. (imdb)
No Score
Natural Born Killers Natural Born Killers (1994)
Summary: Two victims of traumatized childhoods become lovers and psychopathic serial murderers irresponsibly glorified by the media.
No Score
Angels with Angles Angels with Angles (2005)
Summary: A film dedicated to the spirit of Hollywood filmmaking and the stars of eras gone past. Although contemporary, it retains the charm and sensibility of classic films. (InvisionMPG)
No Score
My 5 Wives My 5 Wives (2000)
Summary: When Monte Peterson (Rodney Dangerfield), a three-timesdivorced L.A. real estate developer, buys a valuable piece of land in Utah, he discovers the land comes with more than just tumbleweeds. Monte's new deal just landed him not one, not two but five new wives. (Dangerfield Entertainment)
No Score
Caddyshack Caddyshack (1980)
Summary: An exclusive golf course has to deal with a brash new member and a destructive dancing gopher (imdb)
No Score
Back to School Back to School (1986)
Summary: To help his discouraged son get through college, a funloving and obnoxious rich businessman decides to enter the school as a student himself. (imdb)
No Score
Ladybugs Ladybugs (1992)
Summary: To climb the corporate ladder to success, a guy agrees to coach the company's all girl soccer team with the help of his secret weapon: his fiancee's son. (imdb)
No Score
Easy Money Easy Money (1983)
Summary: To inherit his mother-in-law's colossal fortune, a hard living, gambling addict must change his unhealthy ways before it gets the best of him. (imdb)
No Score
Little Nicky Little Nicky (2000)
Summary: All children like to raise a little hell - but it's a whole different story when your family is run by Satan.