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Ron Nyswaner

Total Credits at Criticker: 3 (Director), 11 (Writer)

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    When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit. (imdb)
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    The Painted Veil
    Based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham and set against the visually stunning backdrop of China during one of its most dramatic periods of upheaval, The Painted Veil tells a unique love story of an estranged husband and wife who find redemption and unexpected grace in a very unlikely place. (Warner Independent Pictures)
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    An restless and abrasive young woman eschews the affections of a sensitive young portrait artist, preferring to chase punk singers in a misguided desire for fame and fortune in New York's Greenwich Village. (imdb)
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    The true story of a young soldier beaten to death for falling in love with a transgendered nightclub performer. (imdb)
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    Mrs. Soffel
    Peter Soffel is the stuffy warden of a remote American prison around the turn of the century. His wife, Kate, finds herself attracted to prisoner Ed Biddle. She abandons her husband and children to help Ed and his brother Jack escape and accompanies them into the wintery wasteland. (imdb)
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    Why Stop Now
    When a college piano prodigy tries to check his mother into rehab, he is taken hostage by her drug dealer and swept along on a wild adventure. (imdb)
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    New Jersey police lieutenant, Laurel Hester, and her registered domestic partner, Stacie Andree, both battle to secure Hester's pension benefits when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. (imdb)
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    The Prince of Pennsylvania
    There's nothing wrong with the Marshetta family that a little felony can't cure. Rupert doesn't want to follow in his father's blue-collar footsteps, so he and his quirky friend kidnap his father for ransom, only nobody wants him back. (Anonymous)
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    Love Hurts
    The story of Paul Weaver and his strained relationships with women and his family. (imdb)
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    My Policeman
    The arrival of Patrick into Marion and Tom's home, triggers the exploration of seismic events from 40 years previous (imdb.com).
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    Fellow Travelers
    Fellow Travelers (2023) - TV Mini-Series
    Follows the lives and volatile romance of two different men, through purges, wars, protests, and plagues, overcoming obstacles in the world
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