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Roy Chiao

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Death Traps Death Traps (1960)
Summary: Helen Li Mei plays the role of an alcoholic who, in a state of drunkenness, mistakenly hires a mafia boss to kill herself. Li has often been compared to singer/actress Bai Guang who is also renowned for her femme fatale image. Both actresses impress the audience with a combination of their stunning beauty and the subtle sexiness of their exceptional performance. (yesasia)
No Score
Devotion Devotion (1960)
Summary: Devotion, should be grim enough a lesson for my teenager in love. Little Kitty Ting Hao suffers due to social evils that ruthlessly rob her of the inalienable right to marry Chang Yang, the man she loves. Her incidental misbehaviour with Chang, which leads to the birth of a fatherless baby, does the final nailing of her coffin. Fortunately their daughter is intelligent and strong enough to be the master of circumstances and fights for her own love. (yesasia)
No Score
Sister Long Legs Sister Long Legs (1960)
Summary: The film is about a middle class family, making ends meet but not in any way well off. The mother, the attractive Enjia Liu, meets up with an old school friend who is well off, and that friend invites her and her family to a party to see if Tingting (Ms. Feng) can find a partner. The title of the film refers to to Tingting, as she is tall and fairly beautiful. Binbin (Ms. Lin Tsui) is more of a cute tomboy, just one who likes to dress up. (imdb)
No Score
Between Tears and Laughter Between Tears and Laughter (1961)
Summary: This is the story of three ladies who live together in an apartment in Hong Kong and what happens to them. First, there is Shuxian, whose husband left her and has a son in the hospital who can't walk. Then, there is Meifen, a romance novelist who pines for a deceased lover and, finally Manli, a young lady with some sass who is expecting a visit from Mr. Zheng, a man she has been a pen pal with for a year. She also has been dating someone else, not happily. The film goes through all three lives. (imdb)
No Score
Because of Her Because of Her (1963)
Summary: Time passes and the story of a woman who becomes pregnant outside of marriage has mercifully less significance nowadays. Grace Chang the singer becomes pregnant but Roy Chiao her impresario, steps in and marries her. The father of the child returns to the scene in the second half of the movie and the leading lady is faced with a dilemma which proves traumatic to deal with. (imdb)
No Score
The Age of Miracles The Age of Miracles (1995)
Summary: Usual leading lady Anita Yuen dons [unconvincing] old woman makeup to play an elderly woman struggling with her mess of a family. Alan Tam is her eldest son, a mama's boy who desperately wants to cut the strings, and has plans to emigrate to the U.S. - without mom. Her eldest daughter (Teresa Carpio) has multiple kids from multiple fathers and she's come home to annoy everyone with her brassy personality. Finally, her youngest son is a shy, seemingly slow fellow played by Jordan Chan. (lovehkfilm.com)
No Score
Burning Ambition Burning Ambition (1989)
Summary: Frankie Chan Fan-kei directs and stars in this tight-scripted gangster thriller yarn. The film opens with the triad clan's patriarch getting whacked by his brother Chau Hsiong (Ko Chuen-hisang). With the leadership of the family up in the air, Chau tries to enlist the help of his vacillating nephew, Wai (Miu Kiu-wai), to help him knock off Tat-hwa (Simon Yam Tat-wah), the patriarch's son and family heir apparent. (allrovi.com)
No Score
Ladies First Ladies First (1962)
Summary: A hilarious entanglement of romance among Jeanette Lin Cui, Roy Chiao, Christine Pai Lu-ming and Tien Ching, Ladies First is another light-hearted comedy directed by renowned melodrama specialist Yi Wen, co-starring Linda Lin Dai and Chang Yang. (YesAsia)
No Score
Kong zhong xiao jie Kong zhong xiao jie (1959)
Summary: Three women join the air hostess ranks for their own individual reasons. Lovely Ge Lan wishes to escape her privileged lifestyle, pal Su Feng wants to join up with her friend, and Julie Yeh seeks the glamour of a life of international travel. Together, the three friends struggle for their future in the skies.
No Score
The Story of Three Loves: Part 1 The Story of Three Loves: Part 1 (1964)
Summary: Based upon a hugely popular romance novel by Shanghai writer Zhang Henshui, the film tells the intriguing relationship between a rich Beijing college boy and three young women: a street artist, an upper class lady, and a teahouse songstress. (hkcinemagic.com)
No Score
Mr. Fortune Mr. Fortune (1989)
Summary: Toy designer, Yoda Law breaks up with his girlfriend and colleague Lily, and picks up an acquaintance with Jane, a shrew from a wealthy family. Jane poses herself as a girl delinquent persecuted by the underworld, and Low decides to help her turn over a new leaf. Law is always nagged by Lily and her proprietress Janet. Jane takes his side and encourages him to design a world popular muppet doll as a souvenir, then to quit. Ching and Law subsequently work in a Fast Food Shop. Impressed by the cha (badpandashop.com)
No Score
The Blue Lamp in Winter Night The Blue Lamp in Winter Night (1974)
Summary: A good, atmospheric, turn-of-the-century horror story with ghosts, vampires, and an impossible love triangle. (The Movie Database)
No Score
June Bride June Bride (1960)
Summary: This Cathay Films release stars the beautiful Grace Chang in a musical romance from Hong Kong. (rarefilm.net)
No Score
Itchy Fingers Itchy Fingers (1979)
Summary: Biggie and Tiny grow up together. They fight all the time. Biggie is a detective and Tiny is a thief. Biggie has the satisfaction of catching Tiny and putting him behind bars. When Tiny is released, he is approached by Daigau who wants Tiny's help to steal the world famous diamond. Tiny says no since he has decided to get the diamond all by himself. (hkcinemagic.com)
No Score
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After (1960)
Summary: Jin Wenou falls out with his business-minded father when he decides on painting instead of studying business. Mary, his fiancée, finances him to get his own studio. One day his dying father wishes to see Mary. Unable to contact her, Wenou gets Wanping to stand in. Wenou's father miraculously recovers upon seeing Wanping. He is infuriated when Wenou tells him that his fiancée is actually Mary and declares Wanping as the only heiress to his fortune. (cathay.com.sg)
No Score
The Story of Three Loves: Part 2 The Story of Three Loves: Part 2 (1964)
Summary: Continuing the story of Part I, the plots follows the tragic fate of teahouse songstress Shen, who is forced to become the mistress of the evil warlord Liu. When the latter discovers that she has had a secret rendezvous with her lover Fan, he tortures her to insanity. A fine melodrama, indeed the best a studio can offer in its time, The Story of Three Loves is also the last film of screen diva Grace Chang who plays two roles, the tender and affectionate Shen, and the arrogant and spoiled He. (hkcinemagic.com)
No Score
Game of Death Game of Death (1978)
Summary: A martial arts movie star must fake his death to find the people who are trying to kill him. (imdb)
No Score
The Good, the Bad and the Loser The Good, the Bad and the Loser (1977)
Summary: Another example of a great cast not necessarily making a great film. There's plenty of kicking and punching, but it's all over the place. (hkmdb.com)
No Score
Chocolate Inspector Chocolate Inspector (1986)
Summary: Inspector Chu (Chocolate) is an idiot to rival Inspector Clouseau. After he fails to catch a car-park full of thieves he is demoted to the missing persons squad, only to be faced with the kidnapping of the son of the star of a TV cooking show. Inspector Chocolate (so called because of his fondness for Smarties) bungles the case, fails to dance the tango and interferes with the Miss Hong Kong pageant in his attempts to solve the case. (imdb)
No Score
Enter the Fat Dragon Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)
Summary: The main character (Sammo) is obsessed with Bruce Lee and emulates him freakishly well for a man of his size. Nominal story about how his fighting keeps causing his loved ones trouble - then fighting... (IMDB Comments)
No Score
The Valiant Ones The Valiant Ones (1975)
Summary: The Valiant Ones is set during the Ming dynasty in the reign of the emperor Jia Jing whose rule was affected by corruption and the problem of Japanese and local pirates wreaking havoc on the southern coastal regions. A small group of soldiers, under the command of an iconoclastic general, Yu Dayou, are given a special mission to destroy the pirates. The soldiers are joined and aided by a taciturn couple: a sword-fighter (known as the "Whirlwind") and his knight-lady. (Sensesofcinema.com - Stephen Teo)
No Score
The Fate of Lee Khan The Fate of Lee Khan (1973)
Summary: During the Yuan Dynasty in China, the Han people organize and wage a great uprising against their Mongolian oppressors. (allmovie.com)
No Score
A Touch of Zen A Touch of Zen (1971)
Summary: An artist, Ku, lives with his mother near an abandoned fort, reputed to be haunted. One night, investigating strange noises, he meets the beautiful Yang who is living there. She is being pursued by agents of an Imperial noble who have murdered her family. Ku finds himself caught up in her struggle to survive, and many fierce battles take place before all is resolved. Action adventure with a lyrical feel, this is a kung fu film with a strong spiritual element. (imdb)
No Score
Game of Death 2 Game of Death 2 (1981)
Summary: Billy Lo, famed martial arts star is murdered. His brother, Bobby goes to Korea, and in an underground... (imdb)
No Score
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Summary: After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees, and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace (imdb)
No Score
Bloodsport Bloodsport (1988)
Summary: Frank Dux has spent most his life being trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament... (imdb)
No Score
Summer Snow Summer Snow (1995)
Summary: The Suns are a typical Hong Kong family: May, forty something, works for a trading company; her husband, Bing, works as a low-grade civil servant, and Allen, their teenage son, is still at school. Trouble strikes one day when Bing's mother dies of a stroke, leaving her husband old Mr. Sun. Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed. (imdb)
No Score
Above the Law Above the Law (1986)
Summary: Jason Chan a lawyer, angry at the way the law seems to protect the bad guys, he decides to take the law into his own hands when a key witness and his entire family are murdered. but Cindy Si is soon on his case and it all spirals into a situation only a few will survive. (imdb)
No Score
Shadow Ninja Shadow Ninja (1980)
Summary: For years, Sheriff Wan has pursued the murderer called "The White Norman," whose clothes and body hair are white as snow. Assisting him in handling the case is Kern, an expert fighter. (imdb)
No Score
The Blonde Fury The Blonde Fury (1989)
Summary: Rothrock stars as Cindy, an American FBI agent who travels to Hong Kong to arrest a criminal newspaper editor, Ronny Dak who prints counterfeit money using the newspaper's presses. While investigating Dak's crimes, Cindy hooks up with her old friend Judy Yu, an undercover cop, and an intrepid journalist to battle his kung-fu henchmen. (imdb)
No Score
Shadow of China Shadow of China (1990)
Summary: A Chinese immigrant tries to make his way to the top as a businessman in Hong Kong while his former radicalism is transformed into cynicism. (imdb)
No Score
All All's Well, Ends Well 1997 (1997)
Summary: A dependent man, that has one girlfriend too many, fakes his own mental illness to inherit the fortune of his two brothersThe eldest brother is a busy businessman who is planning to open a restaurant. Due to his busy schedule, he is putting his relationship on the line with his wife. The second brother is a scholar who brings home a finance-troubled girl to arouse hatred in his father so the brother can choose to marry his punkish girlfriend, whom his father detests. (imdb)
No Score
Dong fu ren Dong fu ren (1969)
Summary: A period piece about a woman who sacrifices her love interests for social appearances.
No Score
The Last Message The Last Message (1975)
Summary: Li (Sam Hui) works at a sanitarium as a male nurse, and Ah Tim (Michael Hui) is a handy man. One day, a bearded old man is sent into the sanitarium with a large bag. Ah Tim manages to steal the bag, and finds antique fragments inside. Sounds like a quick way to get rich... (hkcinemagic)
No Score
Games Gamblers Play Games Gamblers Play (1974)
Summary: Michael Hui and his brother Sam play two fellows who meet in jail. Michael is a real conman and Sam has aspirations to be one. When they get out of prison they decide to team up and hopefully make a lot of money. While discussing their plans, Sam says, "how can we fail?" Throughout the course of the film, we see all the reasons they can fail. (hkcinemagic)
No Score
Enter the Dragon Enter the Dragon (1973)
Summary: A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover (imdb)