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Sadettin Erbil

Country: Turkey

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Titles You've Ranked (13)
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Halk çocugu Halk çocugu (1964)
Summary: Ahmet is a honest, ordinary common man. He inherits a large sum from his uncle at Istanbul. Other family members try to get that money from him.
No Score
Satin alinan koca Satin alinan koca (1971)
Summary: The love story of a writer with the girl he wants to rescue her from illness even to the degree of marrying with another woman.
No Score
Yalnızlar Rıhtımı Yalnızlar Rıhtımı (1959)
Summary: A Ship captain and a bar singer who has an affair with an crime gang boss, falls in love. But nothing will be easy for them...
No Score
Kanun namina Kanun namina (1952)
Summary: Nazım is a mechanic and he marries with Ayten. Ayten's stepsister Nezahat falls in love with Nazım. The story of the eternal triangle.
No Score
Üç tekerlekli bisiklet Üç tekerlekli bisiklet (1962)
Summary: A fugitive takes refuge in a home of a mother and her son
No Score
Iki gemi yan yana Iki gemi yan yana (1963)
Summary: A Kemal Tahir adaptation
No Score
Dokuz Dagin Efesi Dokuz Dagin Efesi (1958)
Summary: 19th from the end of the 20th century Turkey. Revenge is like the freedom of the elements taken into consideration.
No Score
My Killer Is Osman My Killer Is Osman (1963)
Summary: A man dies in a fishing boat, and the family shares his fortune. But in dead man's testament someone (Osman) is mentioned as an inheritance.
No Score
The Bride Came to the Quarter The Bride Came to the Quarter (1961)
Summary: When a rich and famous novel writer came to a quarter to write her novel better way, she meets Orhan... Then she would have to make a election between real and imagination....
No Score
Bay E Bay E (1995)
Summary: A television news anchorman, ?smet Berkan goes on a journey with his wife. Along the journey, out of the blue they start fighting. When he confesses that he cheated on her, she gets mad. Enraged, Leyla gets out of the car, enters a gas station and takes off with a man in a red sports car. Trying to track down his wife, the anchorman finds himself trapped in a bizarre world in the midst of murderers, cops and beautiful women. (imdb)
No Score
Güllü geliyor Güllü Güllü geliyor Güllü (1973)
Summary: Kumcular and Kumcuogullari are two families from the Black Sea region of Turkey and they have a blood feud between them for long years. Güllü (Türkan Soray) comes to Istanbul with his gun to kill Ali (Ediz Hun) from the other family.
No Score
Soför Nebahat Soför Nebahat (1970)
Summary: A woman begins to work as a cab driver after her father dies
No Score
Tarzan Rifki Tarzan Rifki (1986)
Summary: Not about Tarzan, but an average Rurkish guy who thinks he is Tarzan. His name is Rifki and people in his neigborhood call him Tarzan Rifki. He is kinda stupid and naive. He wants to find a true love and live with her in a forest. One day he sends an advertisement to a newspaper. Its a newspaper where single people send message to find new friends. He finds one and one day he wants to meet her. He mails her and tells the woman where they are going to meet each other... (imdb)