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Selçuk Aydemir

Selçuk Aydemir

Total Credits at Criticker: 10 (Director), 9 (Writer), 1 (Creator)

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    Çalgı çengi
    Salih and Gurkan are musicians. They are at about to perform on stage at a wedding and being prepared in a warehouse. At the same time two mafia guys get a security guard to interrogate in that warehouse and killed him. Salih And Gurkan's mafia duties are just about to start. They had to dissappear the body for their own life.
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    Dügün Dernek
    Four friends tries to organize a wedding against all odds
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    İşler Güçler
    Ahmet, Murat and Sadi are actors who dream of shooting a movie and present a documentary called 'Meslek Hikayeleri' in order to make money.
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    Kardes Payi
    Kardes Payi (2014) - TV Series
    The two brothers have a plumbing company and they are trying to invent something that would make the world a better place.
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    Düğün Dernek 2 : Sünnet
    After seeing his son married in the first movie of the series, Ismail is now having stress over his grandson's circumcision. When the old crew reunites, Ismail finds himself in all kinds of unthinkable trouble, and before he knows it the circumcision party has evolved into a citywide affair. As things quickly become complicated, there is even a place for romance in the rushed preparations, but this circumcision will happen, come hell or high water!
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    A housewife who devoted mother, father and their occasional sweet dreamer, a cook, sometimes boring life conflicts between two grown children. (imdb)
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    Çalgı Çengi İkimiz
    Two cousins while trying to get out of the mafia, gets the opportunity of being famous musicians.
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    Ailecek Şaşkınız
    Ferhat is a spoiled man who takes over his father's company. Ferhat's right hand is his childhood friend, the company's finance manager. One day they will be friends with the restaurant owner. Ferhat falls in love with the restaurant owner's daughter Elif. But Elif is not a delicate and pure young girl. Her career, her hard character, and her witless intelligence, which are full of special trainings and superior services, will make Ferhat much more difficult.
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    Baba Parası
    A group of siblings that share nothing but a father come together after the patriarch's death to compete for his fortune. He left a save for his children, but took the password to the grave with him.
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    50M2 (2021) - TV Series
    After betraying his bosses, a hitman hides out in a vacant tailor shop, where he's mistaken for the late owner's son, an identity he decides to embrace. (imdb)
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