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Selcuk Uluergüven

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Güllü geliyor Güllü Güllü geliyor Güllü (1973)
Summary: Kumcular and Kumcuogullari are two families from the Black Sea region of Turkey and they have a blood feud between them for long years. Güllü (Türkan Soray) comes to Istanbul with his gun to kill Ali (Ediz Hun) from the other family.
No Score
Bereketli topraklar üzerinde Bereketli topraklar üzerinde (1980)
Summary: Restorated by Başak Groupama this missing film tells the story of three friends struggling to survive in the fertile plains in southeast Turkey. Bald Hasan, Wrestler Ali, and Hopeless Case Yusuf travel to Çukurova to find work.
No Score
Carpisma Carpisma (2005)  - Short Film
Summary: Three men. From different corners of the crime world: A hired gun, Musta; a con man, Cem; and a thief, Ali. By a twist of fate their paths crosses at Central Station and start to work as a team. But their past won't let them go too faraway... (imdb)
No Score
Eyyvah eyvah 2 Eyyvah eyvah 2 (2011)
Summary: After finding his father Ali Riza Seker in the original film, Hüseyin has just one more thing to take care of.And that is to get together with Müjgan, the girl of his dreams, to present her with the ring his "big sister" Firuzan gave him and to win Müjgan's heart. Arriving back in Geyikli with his confidante Firuzan, his father Ali Rıza Seker and Ramiz the tailor, Hüseyin will share his time of crisis with Firuzan on this adventure as well. The two of them are in this together now. (www.eyyvaheyvah.com)
No Score
Iz Iz (1994)
Summary: A man, Cezmi is found to be dead shot from his face. Although police closes the case considering that it's a suicide, detective Kemal insists on investigating how Cezmi is died. He starts the way to find a picture of Cezmi since his face is unrecognizable. (imdb user review)
No Score
Mine Mine (1982)
Summary: Mine, is the young wife of the station master in a little town and the object of desire among the men of town. Still she lives an unhappy and reserved life. A young author will change her life and also create a lot of controversy in the town.
No Score
Aslan bacanak Aslan bacanak (1977)
Summary: Zeki loves Metin's sister but he can't tell this to Metin because Metin is a very tough guy. Meanwhile Zeki and Zeynep (Metin's sister) date secretly.