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Sergei Parajanov

Country: Soviet Union

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Tsvetok na kamne Tsvetok na kamne (1962)
Summary: In a hospital room, a man remembers the mining village where he worked and friendly atmosphere among workers. But life in the village is disrupted by a religious sect, which managed to gradually win the support of many young people. Khristina, a beautiful young woman is tempted by the sect, but is saved thanks to Arsene, who loves her deeply. (KG)
No Score
Andriesh Andriesh (1954)
Summary: A Wizard of Oz-esque Soviet fairy tale.
No Score
Kivski Freski Kivski Freski (1966)  - Short Film
Summary: Poetic short assembled from the trial footage that survived after the Soviet regime banned a feature-length film pre-production.
No Score
Dumka Dumka (1957)  - Short Film
Summary: Short film by Paradjanov made in 1958 in Kiev, Ukraine, produced by the Dovzhenko Film Studio.
No Score
Lebedyne ozero-zona Lebedyne ozero-zona (1990)
Summary: This film tells what it was like to live in the USSR with brutal reality. A convict is forced to hide within a model of a hammer and sickle. Here a tragic romance ensues between the convict and woman worker; which is spoilt by the woman's jealous young son. (imdb)
No Score
Kghziner Kghziner (1987)
Summary: A documentary about the Tarkovsky and Paradjanov friendship.
No Score
Paradjanov: A Requiem Paradjanov: A Requiem (1994)
Summary: An absorbing portrait of one of the most colorful and revered figures in world cinema, Paradjanov: A Requiem offers an affectionate and insightful look at the tumultuous career of the late Sergei Paradjanov; artist, dissident, romantic and iconoclast. (kino.com)
No Score
Ukrainskaya rapsodiya Ukrainskaya rapsodiya (1961)
Summary: Sergei Parajanov's 89 minute color feature about two lovers separated during World War II. (parajanov.com)
No Score
Pervyy paren Pervyy paren (1959)
Summary: Also know as "The Top Guy" and "The First Lad" , "Pervyy paren" is Sergei Paradjanov's first solo film made for Dovzhenko studios. A musical comedy in the tradition of Russian propaganda films (very much in the tradition of Dovzhenko actually), with beautifully lush cinematography, colors and "mise-en-scene". (www.karagarga.net)
No Score
The Legend of the Suram Fortress The Legend of the Suram Fortress (1984)
Summary: A film version of a well-known Russian folk-tale. A young boy has to be immured into the walls of a fortress in order to stop it from crumbling to pieces. (imdb)
No Score
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (1964)
Summary: In a Carpathian village, Ivan falls in love with Marichka, the daughter of his father's killer. When tragedy befalls her, his grief lasts months; finally he rejoins the colorful life around him, marrying Palagna (imdb)
No Score
Ashik Kerib Ashik Kerib (1988)
Summary: Wandering minstrel Ashik Kerib falls in love with a rich merchant's daughter, but is spurned by her father and forced to roam the world for a thousand and one nights - but not before he's got the daughter to promise not to marry till his return. It's told in typical Paradjanov style, in a series of visually ravishing 'tableaux vivants' overlaid with Turkish and Azerbaijani folksongs. (imdb)
No Score
The Confession The Confession (1990)
Summary: The Confession (1990) was Sergei Parajanov's favorite screenplay, which was written in the 1960s and was his film-memory of the childhood, student years, marriage, imprisonment and more as the fantasist Parajanov perceived it. Parajanov gifted the screenplay to Mikhail Vartanov, made a drawing on the cover and wrote: "The Confession will only be made by a director born in 1924 in Tiflis, Georgia." He predicted that he would not finish it. (imdb)
No Score
Arabeskebi Pirosmanis temaze Arabeskebi Pirosmanis temaze (1985)  - Short Film
Summary: Short film by master Sergei Parajanov
No Score
Hakob Hovnatanyan Hakob Hovnatanyan (1967)  - Short Film
Summary: Exploring the art of Armenian portraitist Hakob Hovnatanyan, Parajanov revives the culture of Tbilisi of the 19th century. (imdb)
No Score
The Color of Pomegranates The Color of Pomegranates (1969)
Summary: A biography of the Armenian troubadour Sayat Nova (King of Song) reveals the poet's life more through his poetry than a conventional narration of important events in Sayat Nova's life. We see the poet grow up, fall in love, enter a monastery and die, but these incidents are depicted in the context of what are images from Sergei Parajanov's imagination and Sayat Nova's poems, poems that are seen and rarely heard. Sofiko Chiaureli plays 6 roles, both male and female, and Sergei Parajanov writes, directs, edits, choreographs, works on costumes, design and decor and virtually every aspect of this revolutionary work void of any dialog or camera movement.