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Shuo Wang

Total Credits at Criticker: 1 (Director), 11 (Writer)

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    Love the Hard Way
    The story of a petty thief who meets an innocent young woman and brings her into his world of crime while she teaches him the lessons of enjoying life and being loved. (imdb)
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    In the Heat of the Sun
    The film tells the story of coming of age in the Cultural Revolution. In Monkey's memory, Beijing in the summer is alway sunny. When parents are away on military duty or sent down to the countryside and school disciplines are loosened, the kids just go wild: skipping class, wandering in the city on bike, fighting for their group, sneaking into people's apartment with a self-made key, watching banned films... And, there is a girl...
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    Little Red Flowers
    A young boy starting school for the first time struggles to fit in to a strictly regimented society in in post-revolutionary China. (imdb)
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    Yi ban hai shui, yi ban huo yan
    A shameless blackmailer meets a stubborn waitress whose refuses to be controlled, thus setting into motion a tragic cycle that will ultimately define both of their lives. When Wong Yiu met Ni Chen, he thought she would bend to his every demand. What Wong Yiu failed to realize, however, was that Ni Chen was a fiery, independent spirit who always lived by her own set of rules. After losing their ways in life, they both lose themselves as well. (allmovie)
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    Wo ai ni
    A young woman who has lost her first love begins a relationship with his best friend, and the two of them attempt to create a baggage-free future. (imdb)
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    If You Are the One 2
    Wealthy middle-aged entrepreneur Qin Fen (You Ge) and beautiful flight attendant Xiaoxiao Liang's (Qi Shu) question their relationship after presiding over good friends Mang Guo (Chen Yao) and Xiang Shan Li's (Honglei Sun) lavish "divorce ceremony". The couple then decides to run a "trial marriage" while on a trip to the country's tropical southeast. (AsianWiki)
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    Personal Tailor
    A story centered on a company that grants wishes to people looking for a day away from their ordinary lives.
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    Somewhere Only We Know
    When a young Chinese girl comes to study in Prague, she finds her grandmother lived there in the past; she decides to trace her grandmother's path, discovering a new sense of self in the process as well as love in a beautiful man. It's not a Chinese love story; it's a love story.
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    Ma Linsheng is a minor Party functionary, a recent widower sharing his old Beijing courtyard apartment with his schoolboy son Ma Che. The first hour explores the generation gap, attitude gap and emotional tensions between father and son with a fair degree of wit and sympathy for both sides. But everything falls apart after the boy pushes his father into a second marriage. (Time Out Shanghai)
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    The Troubleshooters
    The Troubleshooters charts the journey of three friends who open an agency whose purpose is to solve other people's problems, from cuckolded husbands to scorned wives. (Time Out Shanghai)
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    Yi sheng tan xi
    A mid-aged writer struggles keeping life in one piece between when his wife find out about the mistress. (imdb)
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