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Stefano Strucchi

Total Credits at Criticker: 10 (Writer)

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    La rivolta degli schiavi
    The daughter of a wealthy Roman patrician falls in love with a Christian slave.
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    The Magnificent Cuckold
    The Magnificent Cuckold is about a hat tycoon who is ecstatically, if not hungrily, in love with his youthful wife. It is all blissful, that is, until our man, middle-aged and somewhat of a square among his blasé, upper-class friends to whom cuckoldry is a common practice, is seduced by one of them. At this point doubts and suspicions, like conscience, begin to plague him. (wikipedia)
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    Destination Piovarolo
    La Quaglia is the stationmaster of the small town of Piovarolo, a town where trains don't stop and where the station is small and almost useless. The years pass, La Quaglia gets married, a daughter is born and his awaited promotion never arrives. Maybe a dangerous mishap near the station will bring him some luck...or maybe not. ... (amazon)
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    ...And Suddenly It\
    Murder mystery about three couples who are involved in the murder of a wealthy woman.
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    La mandragola
    A florentine Notary is worried about his beautiful wife's sterility. The sly Callimaco, a rich and fun-loving young man, organizes a plot to contact Lucrezia: pretending to be a French doctor he prepares a prodigious potion that cures the woman's sterility but... (movie-time)
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    Gli attendenti
    Colonels, majors, lieutenants: all of them live in the same building. Some of them have a wife or children or none, but everyone has his orderly. Major Penna is harassed by Osvaldo's mother. Lt. Martucci gets involved in the love affair between Antonio, his orderly, and Lauretta. De Acutis, Colonel Terenzi's orderly, falls in love with Valeria, the daughter of the retired Colonel Bitossi. Different stories about orderlies and their officers taking place in Rome. (imdb)
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    Il mio amico Benito
    A clerk has had a picture taken during W.W.I with the future Italian dictator Mussolini and tries to exploit the situation pretending he is a dear friend of his. When he finds out who Mussolini really is he changes his mind and goes back to his bleak life. (bfi)
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    Le dolci signore
    Theme tying four distinct characters together is that adultery is indispensable for a happy, lasting marriage. (bfi)
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    Toh, è morta la nonna!
    A wealthy family meets for the funeral of the grandmother who died electrocuted. Now, everyone wants that belonged to her
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    La banda Casaroli
    The real life events of criminal group led by Paolo Casaroli.
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