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0 film ratings
Taketoshi Watari

Country: Japan

Total Titles at Criticker: 8 - You've Seen 0

Biography submitted by edkrak

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Titles You Haven't Rated: Actor (2) | Writer (2)
Rafureshia (1995)
Alisa's father tells her that "there is nothing beyond the sea" in an attempt to keep his fully grown daughter captive in his island home to feed his incestuous desires. One day day, she just starts swimming and ends up in a city in Japan meeting different people while her father searches for her.
Probable Score
Not Enough Info
Uwakizuma: Chijokuzeme (1992)
Erotic drama set in an underground Tokyo club called The Bedroom, where the female clientele are drugged into a trance-like state and are subjected to different styles of bizarre, fetishistic sex by the male clientele.
Probable Score
Not Enough Info
Seifuku shojo: the ejiki (1986)
This viciously sadistic tale of an orgy of rape and violence in a Japanese high school, scripted by co-star Taketoshi Watari, pushes the brutality envelope a bit far even for Sato, without any of the redeeming characterizations or social observations seen in his usual work. Hiromi Kurita, Megumi Hayase, and Yoko Aimoto are along for the distasteful ride. (Robert Firsching)
Probable Score
Not Enough Info