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Teco Celio

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Série noire Série noire (1986)  - TV Series
Summary: Anthology of stories adapted from the Série Noire books.
No Score
La Felicità è Un Sistema Complesso La Felicità è Un Sistema Complesso (2015)
Summary: Enrico is very proud of his unique job: he saves endangered companies by befriending their often reckless bosses and convincing them to sell out. He's saving people's jobs and, he believes, the economy of his country. The encounters with a young girl and two new troubled clients make him question the real motives and morality of what he does.
No Score
Non Pensarci: La Serie Non Pensarci: La Serie (2009)  - TV Series
Summary: A declining rock musician reconnects with his family only to find out he's not the only one about to collapse.
No Score
Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot (2013)
Summary: The divorced scoundrel Paolo lives close to the boarder to Slovenia in a little town in the Italian Friuli. He is so short of money that his former wife and her new husband invite him over each Sunday for a free meal. Due to the demise of an aunt from the other side of the border Paolo learns he has a nephew named Zoran. Zoran is a natural when it comes to darts. Paolo senses there might be a fortune in reach if he adopts Zoran and registers him for an open tournament in Scotland. (wikipedia)
No Score
L L'ultimo terrestre (2011)
Summary: The story of the latest week on the earth before the announce of the landing of an extraterrestrial society on earth seen by the eyes of a misogynist man with only the desire solitude and routine. (imdb)
No Score
The Truce The Truce (1997)
Summary: Early in 1945, winter, the Red Army liberates Auschwitz; prisoner 174517, humanist Primo Levi (1919-1987) begins his journey home to Turin. He boards a train that goes the wrong way, further into Poland. (IMDB)
No Score
Non pensarci Non pensarci (2007)
Summary: Stefano, once a successful punk rock star, is now past his best times. Having lost everything, he heads home to find shelter. But at his family's country house, everything has changed.
No Score
Three Colors: Red Three Colors: Red (1994)
Summary: Final entry in a trilogy of films dealing with contemporary French society concerns a model who discovers her neighbour is keen on invading people's privacy (imdb)