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Thomas Job

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Titles You Haven't Rated (3)
The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947)
Struggling artist Gerry Carroll meets Sally whilst on holiday in the country. A romance develops but he doesn't tell her he's already married. Suffering from mental illness, Gerry returns home where he paints an impression of his wife as the angel of death and then promptly poisons her. He marries Sally but after a while he finds a strange urge to paint her as the angel of death too and history seems about to repeat itself. (imdb)
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The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945)
This rather Hitchcockian smalltown thriller is a typically impressive psychological study in various forms of obsession. Sanders is both superb and unusually touching as the shy, naive designer who falls for Raines; Fitzgerald [is] the sister he lives with, a scheming hypochondriac so possessive of her brother she'll do anything to wreck his budding romance. (...) the overall effect is still gripping, intelligent, and oddly critical of petit bourgeois aspirations. (
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Escape in the Desert (1945)
Escape in the Desert is a thinly disguised remake of The Petrified Forest (1936), updated with a WW II angle. Cynical Dutch pilot Philip Artveld (Philip Dorn) pays a visit to the American desert before being shipped off to the Front. He wanders into a lonely inn, where he befriends starry-eyed watiress Jane (Jean Sullivan). Before long, Philip, Jane, and several other innocent bystanders find themselves being held captive by a group of escaped German POWS, led by Captain Becker (Helmut Dantine). (
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