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Tülin Özen

Country: Turkey

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Abluka Abluka (2015)
Summary: İstanbul is in the grip of political violence. Hamza, a high-ranking police officer offers Kadir a conditional release from prison. To be released he has to accept to work in the new intelligence unit of garbage collectors. Kadir accepts, and starts collecting trash from the shanty towns, checking to see whether it contains material related to bomb-making. (Venezia 72)
No Score
Mavi Dalga Mavi Dalga (2013)
Summary: For Deniz and her family, the end of summer marks the return to the rhythms of middle-class life. Children go back to school, friends reunite, men return to their shops and women start their work on local events. Deniz and her friends start thinking about a university, a career and the possibility of having a life of their own. Every decision, friend, crush and responsibility starts acquiring a new gravity, manifest themselves in subtle ways.
No Score
Kapaliçarsi Kapaliçarsi (2010)  - TV Series
Summary: The story of four people striving for miracles in Kapalicarsi
No Score
Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (2015)  - TV Series
Summary: A Turkish television sequel to the 2011 Turkish television period drama Muhteşem Yüzyıl. Written by Yılmaz Şahin, Nüket Bıçakçı and Sevgi Yılmaz, it recounts the life of Kösem Sultan, a slave girl who became one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history after she was captured and sent to the harem of Sultan Ahmed I (Wikipedia)
No Score
Masum Masum (2017)  - TV Series
Summary: Retired police officer Cevdet and his wife have a quiet and ordinary life in the country, but one day they a friend of their son arrives with terrible news, and their lives turn upside down.
No Score
Üsküdar Üsküdar'a Giderken (2011)  - TV Series
Summary: A housewife who devoted mother, father and their occasional sweet dreamer, a cook, sometimes boring life conflicts between two grown children. (imdb)
No Score
Pek Yakinda Pek Yakinda (2014)
Summary: Pirated DVD seller Zafer who is formerly an extra in movies; swore to give up illegal works when his wife wanted to get divorce. To win his family back, he and his old-fashioned crew decided to make a movie called "Summit - The End Of Evil" which is a fantastic science fiction movie and couldn't be shot since 1977. A funny, entertaining and emotional journey awaits him who waded into this adventure with his unqualified crew. (imdb)
No Score
Karnaval Karnaval (2013)
Summary: 36-year-old Alis starts living in his car after his father kicks him out of the house. After a series of rejections, he finds himself working door-to-door marketing Karnaval brand carpet cleaners. (imdb)
No Score
Vicdan Vicdan (2008)
Summary: The film was inspired by the third page news, focusing on scandal, family tragedies and sexual escapades gone wrong in Turkey's lower class. 'Vicdan' takes us to rural Turkey, to the impending doom of a love triangle. (Turkish Daily News)
No Score
Yumurta Yumurta (2007)
Summary: Poet Yusuf (35-38) returns to his childhood hometown, which he hadn't visited for years, upon his mother's death. He is faced with a neglected, crumbling house. Ayla, a young girl (17-19) awaits him there... (imdb)
No Score
Süt Süt (2008)
Summary: A high school graduate, Yusuf could not pass the university entrance exam. Writing poetry is his greatest passion and some of his poems are being printed in various obscure literary journals. But neither these poems, nor the rapidly falling price of the milk they sell, are being of any benefit to Yusuf and Zehra's lives. When Yusuf finds out about Zehra's secret affair with the town's stationmaster he gets disconcerted. (imdb)
No Score
Bal Bal (2010)
Summary: A look at the life of Yusuf, the dreamer son of a baker who sees his family threatened once his father mysteriously disappears after going out to look for their missing beehive.
No Score
Yük Yük (2012)
Summary: Based on a true story, the film is about a man who has committed murder and is therefore hiding in a mine. Zeynep, the leading female protagonist, is the common denominator of the story, in which the director explores the psychologies of two men: Cemal, who regrets having committed a murder, and Cumali, who is pursuing the murderer in order to kill him, yet is scared actually to do so. (Official Press Release)
No Score
Melegin düsüsü Melegin düsüsü (2005)
Summary: Zeynep works in a hotel for a housekeeper. But she suffers hell on earth because of her father' behavior. She can only talks to Mustafa who works in the same hotel and he is interested in Zeynep. (imdb)