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Virginia Cherrill

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What Price Crime What Price Crime (1935)
Summary: Thieves break into a warehouse that stores guns, steal them and kill the night watchman. An undercover agent assigned to the case happens to get into a traffic accident with the sister of the man the police suspect is head of the burglary ring, and in order to work his way into the gang, he romances the boss' sister. Complications ensue when the two fall in love. (imdb)
No Score
The Nuisance The Nuisance (1933)
Summary: Fast-talker extraordinaire Tracy gives one of his quintessential wiseguy performances as a conniving ambulance chaser who falls in love with Evans, unaware she's a special investigator for a streetcar company he's repeatedly victimized. Laugh-a-minute caper only slows down a bit toward the end for romance. Sparkling script by Samuel and Bella Spewack.
No Score
Girls Demand Excitement Girls Demand Excitement (1931)
Summary: Peter Brooks is a hard-working, hard-up college student whose dislike of women attending college weakens under the amorous advances of spoiled socialite coed Joan Madison. (imdb)
No Score
Late Extra Late Extra (1935)
Summary: A newspaper reporter sets out to track down a cop killer. (imdb)
No Score
Delicious Delicious (1931)
Summary: A comic group of Europeans coming to the USA have romantic and immigration troubles. (imdb)
No Score
City Lights City Lights (1931)
Summary: The Tramp struggles to help a blind flower girl he has fallen in love with. (imdb)