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Walerian Borowczyk

Country: Poland

Total Titles at Criticker: 37 - You've Seen 37

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No Score
Sztandar młodych Sztandar młodych (1957)  - Short Film
Summary: Film gag that promotes reading "Sztandar młodych".
No Score
Venus on the Half-Shell Venus on the Half-Shell (1975)  - Short Film
Summary: A document on artist Bona Tibertelli De Pisis and a series of snail-human erotic drawings she created.
No Score
The Greatest Love of All Times The Greatest Love of All Times (1977)  - Short Film
Summary: "L'Amour Monstre de tous les temps" is a short silent documentary on Ljuba Popovic, a surrealist painter originally from Serbia and living in France when the film was made. (undersoutherneyes.edpinsent.com)
No Score
La Marge La Marge (1976)
Summary: La Marge is very much like an Art House picture: we have emotions, tragedy, laughter, silence, pictures telling a story, plot twists, slow pace, all the ingredients you might expect in the most toffee-nosed productions only people with a university degree are supposed to enjoy. And yet, it is also a piece of erotica, shamelessly exploitative and very effective in its abundant use of (mostly) female nudity and its sex scenes. (KG)
No Score
Ars amandi Ars amandi (1983)
Summary: This low-grade sex farce is set in Roman times, with Ovid holding forth to a group of young Romans about the pleasures of the flesh, while an ostensible story about a young housewife and her lover illustrates Ovid's lectures.
No Score
Les astronautes Les astronautes (1959)  - Short Film
Summary: Deals with a scientist's flight into outer space where, among other things, he spies on a young woman (Ligia Borowczyk) on his way up and later even saves a small spaceship from attack by a larger one.
No Score
Emmanuelle V Emmanuelle V (1987)
Summary: Emmanuelle has a streak of bad luck that starts when she is stripped by a mob of adoring fans at the Cannes Film Festival. Her rotten luck continues when the dictator of a banana republic uses the screening of one of her films as a pretext to get her into his country. Our heroine finds herself admitted into his harem as a slave. (imdb)
No Score
Scherzo infernal Scherzo infernal (1984)  - Short Film
Summary: Big-breasted tailed demoness & demons whose tails are phalluses strut, rut, reproduce, nurse, & generally show off amindst the flames. An angelic prostitute confronts God. (Wild Realm Reviews)
No Score
Grandmother Grandmother's Encyclopaedia (1963)  - Short Film
Summary: A series of animated segments based on the first few letters in the alphabet.
No Score
Gavotte Gavotte (1968)  - Short Film
Summary: A man who just wants to sit down and relax is constantly interrupted by another man who keeps taking things like the chair he was sitting away. (10kbullets.com)
No Score
The Museum The Museum (1964)  - Short Film
Summary: An animated commerical by Walerian Borowczyk for a French brand of pasta. What happens when a museum closes and the paintings are allowed to break character?
No Score
Tom Thumb Tom Thumb (1966)  - Short Film
Summary: An animated commercial by Walerian Borowczyk for a French brand of pasta. Does the ogre prefer eating children or pasta dishes?
No Score
Happy Toy Happy Toy (1979)  - Short Film
Summary: An incredibly obscure short by Borowczyk for Charles-Émile Reynaud's praxinoscope, a series of colourful images of children playing.
No Score
Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke! (1963)  - Short Film
Summary: An animated commerical by Walerian Borowczyk. A society of elitist cigar smokers have prevented the common chafe from the pleasures of cigar smoking. But not any longer because of the work of a cigar manufacturer for the wider public.
No Score
Theatre of Mr & Mrs Kabal Theatre of Mr & Mrs Kabal (1967)
Summary: In 1967, Borowczyk made his feature debut, a grotesque and surreal fantasy about the physically and temperamentally mismatched couple Mr & Mrs Kabal. Made with a tiny production team at a time when animated feature films were far scarcer than they are now, it's almost the polar opposite of a Disney film, with angular, mainly monochrome graphics bringing the Kabals' universe to startlingly vivid life. (Arrow Films)
No Score
Diptych Diptych (1967)  - Short Film
Summary: This is a documentary that revolves around a farmer and his dogs. Then the second half of this documentary shifts towards a series of colorful flower arrangements. The first part with the farmer is in black & white, while the latter half is in vivid color. (10kbullets.com)
No Score
The Phonograph The Phonograph (1969)  - Short Film
Summary: The title for this one pretty much sums it up, a phonograph plays music. This short uses stop motion to remove and load the new music selections. (10kbullets.com)
No Score
Dom Dom (1958)  - Short Film
Summary: Comprised of hand-drawn images, shots of inanimate objects, and live-action footage, all of which reference disparate motifs: an orange, a glass of milk, a conductor leading an inanimate symphony, and various abstract shapes. (OVGuide)
No Score
Byl sobie raz Byl sobie raz (1957)  - Short Film
Summary: The film starts off with an egg shaped creature and four lines coming together and then walking around. As they walk more and more pieces start to come together until the end when a creation finally reveals itself. (imdb)
No Score
Goto, Island Of Love Goto, Island Of Love (1968)
Summary: Grozo, an ambitious and lecherous man saved from the gallows, is employed by the Governor in the kennels; his envy of both the latter's position and wife sends him on a spiral of murder and deception till he has replaced him on the 'throne' and intends to take Glossia for himself. (imdb)
No Score
Dr. Jekyll and His Women Dr. Jekyll and His Women (1981)
Summary: The film takes place before, during and immediately after the engagement party of Dr.Henry Jekyll and Miss Fanny Osborne, attended by numerous highly respectable guests (a general, a doctor, a priest, a lawyer), the last of which informs the company that a child has been murdered in the street outside. Shortly afterwards, a dancer is found murdered, and the guests realise that one of their number must be a maniac with a prodigious sexual appetite. (imdb)
No Score
Les Jeux des anges Les Jeux des anges (1964)  - Short Film
Summary: A bizarre, semi-abstract animated film, based around the theme of angels being processed by a nightmarish factory. It has been interpreted as an allegory of the concentration camp experience and as a portrait of the industrialization and collectivization of the Soviet period. (imdb)
No Score
Love Rites Love Rites (1987)
Summary: A man meets a prostitute who takes him to a boudoir. (imdb)
No Score
Les Héroïnes du mal Les Héroïnes du mal (1979)
Summary: Three stories involving women who are immoral. The first one takes place during the Renaissance, with a muse who is the fixation of Raphael. The next one is a girl who has a sexual fascination with her pet bunny. And the last story is a woman who gets kidnapped, then gets saved by her dog. (imdb)
No Score
Contes immoraux Contes immoraux (1974)
Summary: Four erotic tales from in various historical eras... (imdb)
No Score
Behind Convent Walls Behind Convent Walls (1978)
Summary: A zealous, handsome priest, who is the confessor for a convent full of women, encourages the equally zealous abbess of one such institution to enforce the same strict rules on these unfortunate women that are applied to others. In doing so, they uncover a snake pit of sexual couplings, both lesbian and heterosexual, as well as many tools for masturbation... (imdb)
No Score
Private Collections Private Collections (1979)
Summary: Three controversial arthouse/erotic film directors come together to make an anthology. (imdb)
No Score
Blanche Blanche (1971)
Summary: Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. Every man is in love with her, including the King and his servant Bartolomeo, visiting the Master. (imdb)
No Score
L L'École (1958)  - Short Film
Summary: A polish soldier is drilled before the camera. (imdb)
No Score
Une collection particulière Une collection particulière (1973)  - Short Film
Summary: A witty and eye-opening tour through Borowczyk's own collection of vintage erotica. Originally intended as part of his 'Contes immoraux' , it was released first as a separate short, and is therefore marks the turning-point between Borowczyk's career as a highly-regarded animator and surrealist filmmaker, and his subsequent career in the sexploitation field. (imdb)
No Score
Dzieje grzechu Dzieje grzechu (1975)
Summary: The teenage girl is first seen confessing and warned about having any impure thoughts or feelings. Her family has boarders and one day a young man moves in and they fall in love. He is trying to get a divorce but is denied by local church people. They live together after he is wounded in a duel, and then he takes off for Rome to get a divorce. She has a child and drowns it. She hears that he has been imprisoned in Rome so she goes there only to find out that he has been released. (imdb)
No Score
L L'Armoire (1979)  - Short Film
Summary: A man seeks for satisfaction from a prostitute working in a revue. He pays for the whole night and discovers a saddening truth about her. (imdb)
No Score
Rosalie Rosalie (1966)  - Short Film
Summary: A haunting, minimalist short that mostly consists of a monologue to camera by the young Rosalie, on trial for the murder of her new-born infant. (imdb)
No Score
Le Dictionnaire de Joachim Le Dictionnaire de Joachim (1965)  - Short Film
Summary: A light-hearted animated romp through the alphabet (in French), with each letter indentified by both a word and a visual interpretation of that word, by the crudely-drawn Joachim. (imdb)
No Score
Le Concert de M. et Mme. Kabal Le Concert de M. et Mme. Kabal (1962)  - Short Film
Summary: Ostensibly a film of a concert given by the round and unassuming Monsieur Kabal and his spiky, terrifying wife, it's actually a cover for their frequent attempts at causing each other extreme physical harm... (imdb)
No Score
Renaissance Renaissance (1963)  - Short Film
Summary: To the sound of trumpets, a collection of pulverised antique bric-a-brac begins to reassemble itself, revealing a stuffed owl, a cornet, a hamper, books, a doll, a plate - and a bomb... (imdb)
No Score
The Beast The Beast (1975)
Summary: The head of a failing French family thinks that fate has smiled down on him when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to be married to his son. The daughter and her aunt then travel out to the French countryside to meet with the family, unaware that a mysterious 'beast' is stalking the vicinity. (imdb)