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William Russ

William Russ

Total Credits at Criticker: 26 (Actor)

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    American History X
    A groundbreaking controversial drama about the tragic consequences of racism in a family. (New Line Cinema)
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    Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
    A bed possessed by a demon spirit consumes its users alive.
    Probable Score
    Wanted: Dead or Alive
    This movie features a character who is supposed to be the descendant of the character played by Steve McQueen in the television series of the same name. And like McQueen's Josh Randall, Hauer's Nick Randall is also a bounty hunter, but also an ex-CIA operative who is asked by his former employer to help them track down a terrorist... (imdb)
    Probable Score
    An advertising firm, desperate to keep an account from a financially-ailing brewery, concocts a macho ad campaign centering on three losers who inadvertently prevent a robbery at a bar. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Dead of Winter
    Struggling actress is hired for a part in a movie by an old man who lives in a rundown old mansion. Eventually she realizes she's being held prisoner. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Traces of Red
    Jack, a Palm Beach detective, becomes involved in a case of multiple murders. All the women can be linked to Jack in some way. Jack and his partner have no leads, but numerous suspects. The murders continue, along with anonymous letters from the killer. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Buck Naked Arson
    In the vein of "The Breakfast Club", four teens head to the forest to celebrate grad night and end up with more than hang overs when they are detained by the Ranger on charges of arson. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Gone to Texas
    The drama focuses on Sam Houston's life before Texas' independence, and his involvement in the Texas rebellion against Mexico, who was twice President of Texas, then its senator and governor. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Disorganized Crime
    This movie places some top thiefs, looking to steal money from a bank. The All-Star cast has many blunders on the way. Meanwhile a member of their group is missing and two cops chase after him. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Have You Seen My Son
    A man steals his son from his ex-wife. Ex-wife devotes her life to finding her son.
    Probable Score
    Rehearsal for Murder
    A year after his fiance's death, a playwright schedules a rehearsal for his new play, which proves to be a trap for her killer. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Command 5
    Command 5 (1985) - TV Movie
    Captain Blair Morgan is a military intelligence man, who wants to see some action, and if the military can't provide with some, he is recruited by a group that wants to form a crime fighting unit that they want to send into areas that are ill equipped or manned to handle certain criminals. He selects Jack Coburn, Nick Kowalski, J.D. Smith, and Chris Winslow, cops who are deemed loose cannons by their respective departments. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Blood and Orchids
    Hester Murdoch is found naked and nearly beaten to death by four young Hawaiian men on the beach and taken to the hospital. Some of the men didn't want to get involved, fearing they might be blamed, because she was white, but do so anyway. Almost immediately everyone suspects they are to blame. When Hester's politically influential mother Doris finds out what really happened, she fearing a scandal, forces her daughter to blame the men who rescued her, of raping and beating her. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Roy Dean Bream (Russ who co-starred on Boy Meets World) plays a veteran minor league hurler in 1957 tutoring young phenom fireballer Tyrone Debray (Plummer). This is Bull Durham taken seriously with cameos by Bob Feller, Duke Snider, Ernie Banks, Don Newcombe, Bill Mazeroski and Harmon Killebrew. A solid performance by Russ and Plummer but script wears down at the end. Well worth seeing though.
    Probable Score
    Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story
    The behind the scenes story of "The Partridge Family" TV show, told from the point of view of young Danny Bonaduce. Problems include Danny's jealous father, David Cassidy's overnight fame, and even conflicts with the Brady Bunch!
    Probable Score
    The Long Hot Summer
    The made-for-TV The Long Hot Summer was based on the 1958 theatrical film of the same name-which, in turn, was based on two William Faulkner short stories. Don Johnson plays Ben Quick, a Southern drifter who is under suspicion as a "barn burner." Ben secures a job at the Mississippi mansion of town-boss Will Varner (Jason Robards). (allmovie.com)
    Probable Score
    Trail of Tears
    Two very different but equally determined women - one a suburban housewife, the other a Las Vegas blackjack dealer - vow to retrieve their children from the husbands who deserted them. When their exes are both located in Oregon, they embark on a journey across the country to get their kids back. Fact-based drama.
    Probable Score
    Replacing Dad
    Linda and George live in a small town. He is the school principal. They are about to celebrate their 16th anniversary. She catches him with her daughter's young teacher, and has to deal with the kids, the town and her love to him.
    Probable Score
    Breach of Trust
    A woman's life is turned upside down when her husband's on a plane that goes down. And it's further discovered that he was travelling with a woman who was listed as his wife, who dies. Later a girl is brought to her whom she is told is the daughter of her husband by the woman he was with. While her husband's unconscious, she ponders what she is going to do.
    Probable Score
    Second Serve
    Fact-based story about tennis pro Renee Richards, whose player status was challenged in 1976 when it was revealed that she was a transsexual. Flashback to 1964 and meet Richard Radley, a successful New York doctor with a great lifestyle, a flashy girl friend, and a secret life. Seems like the good doctor likes to dress up in women's clothes and visit Manhattan.
    Probable Score
    Jonestown (2013) - Short Film
    A thriller that dramatizes the last 24 hours in the lives of Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple Church through the eyes of a reporter. (imdb)
    Probable Score
    Crisis at Central High
    Story of the federally-ordered integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957.
    Probable Score
    9-1-1 (2018) - TV Series
    Awake (2012) - TV Series
    Founders Day
    A small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election.
    Probable Score
    The Maestro
    After the Second World War, budding film composer Jerry Herst moves to Hollywood to study with infamous master teacher Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
    Probable Score