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Witold Adamek

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Poniedzialek Poniedzialek (1998)
Summary: Rural Poland. Unemployment plague. No perspectives. No chances. No opportunities. 24 hours from a life of two young, unemployed outsiders. Not being able to handle the reality, they force themselves to earn for living by collecting money from collapsing warehouse debtors.
No Score
S@motnosc w sieci S@motnosc w sieci (2006)
Summary: The film is based on the novel by Janusz Wisniewski "S@motność on the network". This is a story about love in the virtual world and the life of modern man who is surrounded by modern technology, however, yearns for a true feeling.
No Score
Wtorek Wtorek (2001)
Summary: Maniek and David in a small, sleepy village trying to set up the "go-go" club, which begins well prosper. The local mafia, media and holy devotees notice that.