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90 95% The Mandalorian (2019) - Nov 14, 2019
"Instead of comparing the Star Wars franchise to itself and constantly trying to tear new installments down, compare to other sci-fi fare. There's a lot of poorly done crap out there, so sit back, shut up, and enjoy! Thankfully this is off to a great start and fits right into the universe without being heavy handed with the references."
60 39% Braven (2018) - Dec 23, 2018
"I quite appreciated that it wasn't just Momoa's character doing all the action to protect his family. Added bonus of archery and Mom kicking ass too. I needed subtitles just to understand Momoa's mumbling. The scenery (Newfoundland, Canada) was a pretty backdrop."
70 62% Red Sparrow (2018) - Sep 24, 2018
"Somewhat slow-paced yet decently engaging. I wish Lawrence had been able to get the accent a little better."
40 12% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jul 30, 2019
"Amazingly Pitt managed to outshine DiCaprio. The entire film should have focused on Pitt's character and been half as long. It might have been somewhat cohesive had that happened. As it is it looks like Tarantino had too many ideas and no one had the guts to tell him to pare them down. This was a mess."
60 39% Revenge (2017) - Oct 23, 2018
"Revenge had so much going for it. The acting was surprisingly good. The symbolism was well done. She actually looked like she'd gone through hell in the desert with dirty hair and grime. Camerawork and the setting was outstanding. Unfortunately I wanted more relatable believability and less pointless gore. "
60 39% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Jul 24, 2019
"It's quite a feat to turn Queen into such a bland biopic. I could have just read Wikipedia while playing their greatest hits and saved myself some time."
75 75% Searching (2018) - Oct 14, 2018
"Impressive that viewers are able to relate to the characters despite the entire film taking place across the various tech screens of our lives."
95 98% Land of Mine (2015) - Dec 28, 2019
"Not for the faint of heart, but incredibly well done. "
65 49% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - Dec 21, 2018
"Interesting watch, but didn't live up to the hype it got. Things will rev up and there will be some really intense scenes that hold your interest, then you'll find yourself practically falling asleep because it's limping along. The acting was superb from everyone. Hemsworth stole some scenes and looked great while doing it."
80 84% Sharp Objects (2018) - Jan 13, 2019
"Almost frustratingly slow build-up, but very worth it in the end. The soundtrack was very downer druggie rock which fit the tone of the show but was hard to enjoy. Every single time I saw the "roller pals" I thought of Chet Faker's Gold music video."