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Flick Fan - 83 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 20, 2020

Location: USA

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70 52% The Village (2004) - Oct 18, 2020
"While original and well shot, it suffers from the obligatory forced twist by Shyamalan. Still entertaining enough, and much better produced than most horror flicks."
57 14% Bone Tomahawk (2015) - Oct 18, 2020
"A period piece with some truly brutal imagery. None of the characters felt real or relatable. Russell was fine, but Richard Jenkins surprisingly stole the show. The rest of the performances were uninspired."
66 27% The Evil Dead (1981) - Oct 17, 2020
"It almost feels like a serious horror movie that couldn't hold its own, so it does everything tongue-in-cheek under the guise of satire. Kinda funny, kinda entertaining and surprisingly shocking visuals make it worth a watch for the cool points on this cult classic."
84 89% Alien (1979) - Oct 16, 2020
"Incredible set pieces and special effects. Engaging and suspenseful from beginning to end."
47 7% Antichrist (2009) - Oct 15, 2020
"A painfully slow build leads to a break of utter psychosis. Two great performances and an original story can't save this mess of a film."
69 45% Dogtooth (2009) - Oct 13, 2020
"Dark and terrifying in ways that most horror movies can't pull off. No cheap scares along the way, just a creep-fest from beginning to end. The ending does not disappoint."
68 39% A Ghost Story (2017) - Oct 10, 2020
"An original film with a good score. A lot of artsy, long, no-cut shots (some painfully long) can make it seem pretentious at times. Definitely a slow burn, but entertaining enough for a single watch."
71 56% Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster (2010) - Oct 10, 2020
"I would have preferred more focus on the Masters of Hong Kong meeting over the weird Rocky-movie it became. The final battle is confusing in so many ways. If only professional boxers fought like that in real life..."
72 59% The World's End (2013) - Oct 08, 2020
"Original, fun and funny. It has Edgar Wright's style all over it. Not as funny as expected and the ending could have been better, but a good watch nonetheless."
90 98% Fargo (1996) - Oct 06, 2020
"It's hard to believe anything could outshine Macy in this role, but McDormand delivers the performance of a lifetime. From the script to the cinematography, the characters to the subdued score, it will be hard to find a film with better execution. "