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Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Albany, NY, USA

Age: 31

Bio: Ratings and reviews are subject to change on a whim.

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84 83% Helluva Boss (2019) - Oct 23, 2021
"More outright humorous than Hazbin Hotel, and the episodes released so far are for my money better. The first season finale with the bad trip and killing seemingly every three letter agency worker is a blast."
75 59% Hazbin Hotel (2019) - Oct 23, 2021
"Has a fun pilot. Will be interesting to see where they go from here."
83 81% Thunderbolt Fantasy (2016) - Oct 20, 2021
"Completely insane and wonderful fantasy action series done entirely with supermarionettes. I'll admit I find it hard to follow sometimes, but confusing mythology and plot aside it is just so much fun to watch every single fight scene. They're doing wuxia with puppets! And they pull it off! How delightful."
76 63% No Time to Die (2021) - Oct 15, 2021
"Moves fast and has some great action sequences (though it's all a little too long), and effectively evokes some bittersweetness at the end. A good end to Craig's saga as Bond."
79 71% Hideaki Anno: The Final Challenge of Evangelion (2021) - Oct 13, 2021
"Anno struggles to end Evangelion right. He tries to delegate everything, only to end up doing it himself. He's passive until deadlines force him to act. His staff are often frustrated, but also know to give Anno space and time - the exact same situation Shinji finds himself in at the start of 3.0 + 1.0. And it's worth it in the end - Anno finally frees himself of the burden of Eva. I loved every time Anno tried to direct the documentary to get better shots - a true director through and through."
28 7% Appreciating Your Parents (1950) - Oct 06, 2021
"An incredibly stupid child finally realizes that other people do things even when he's not around. Better late then never when it comes to developing theory of mind, I guess."
25 6% Is This Love? (1957) - Oct 06, 2021
"Tries to instill a critical mindset and a "take it slow" approach when it comes to relationships. Instead instills the idea of eloping to get away from your nagging parents and your middle-aged college roommate."
32 9% Last Clear Chance (1959) - Oct 06, 2021
"Officer Buzzkill ruins a farm family's day with his lectures on traffic safety. One of the brothers drives into the side of a moving train to escape further lectures."
33 9% The Days of Our Years (1955) - Oct 06, 2021
"The world's most morbid reverend goes around town and recalls all the accidents members of his congregation have been in, watches old men stew in regret, and thinks about other people thinking about him. With more appropriate music, it could work as horror."
37 11% Aquatic Wizards (1955) - Oct 05, 2021
""And the incentive to stay up is: CROCODILES!""