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Cinema Addict - 1641 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Albany, NY, USA

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Bio: Ratings and reviews are subject to change on a whim.
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77 65% F for Fake (1973) - Sep 17, 2019
"A virtuoso example of showman-like editing that reflects the fascinating story about all kinds of trickery that it's wrapped around. Where this stumbles for me is when we come to the Oja and Picasso story - it's not nearly as interesting as what comes before it, and even the editing becomes tedious and repetitive. Nice film to chew on for a bit though regardless."
80 74% Climax (2018) - Sep 13, 2019
"Less a conventional story and more an experience that will leave you shaken. Or at least I was, to the point I had to lay down for a bit after. Can't say I was conceptually on board the entire time, but with such an outpouring of emotion I still find it hard to ignore."
48 16% Jupiter Ascending (2015) - Sep 07, 2019
"A few neat visuals try and fail to support a very busy plot heavy on exposition and light on characters worth caring about. Not to mention how groan-worthy the plot is: The protagonist returns home after being kidnapped only to be immediately kidnapped again! Chemistry between the actors is non-existent, everyone's just kinda there. Also this is minor but when Kunis puts the pad on Tatem's wound SHE PUTS THE STICKY SIDE FACE DOWN WTF HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP"
82 78% The Boys (2019) - Sep 01, 2019
"Not completely free of the typical comic cliches, but this is overall a very refreshing and darkly humorous take on what would actually happen if superheroes existed. Karl Urban gives what may be his best performance yet. Kind of an awkward place to end the first season, though."
73 55% FLCL Alternative (2018) - Aug 21, 2019
"Replaces the original FLCL's early adolescent confusion with late adolescent uncertainty and the inevitability of change, the later of which brings the strongest material. The characters are more relatable and real than in Progressive, leading to a better emotional climax, though it's still too light at times. Still the more successful attempt at capturing at least a little of the "lightning in a bottle" feel of the original."
85 84% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 15, 2019
"While I felt it lacked a certain forward drive at times that could have benefited from it, this is easily the most daring Tarantino's been in a long time. Rick and Cliff are a fantastic pair of characters, and you practically forget you're even watching a Tarantino movie until faces start being smashed in. The obvious love and care make it work. And of course the ranch scene is more effective than most horror films."
51 18% The Land That Time Forgot (1975) - Aug 08, 2019
"Maybe this works better as a novel, but the characters are boring and the story doesn't even really go anywhere thematically. You can only watch so much back-and-forth submarine drama before it gets stale. Dinosaurs were cute, though."
72 53% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jul 31, 2019
"A bit of a lighter offering, with lower stakes and less self-reflection. However, it's a bit too discordant with its shifts in tone in a way that's hard to swallow. Plotwise it's also nothing to call home about either. Still, I did laugh at Peter almost droning all his classmates."
81 76% Jammin' the Blues (1944) - Jul 31, 2019
"Fun short proto-music video with nice music and some interesting imagery."
79 71% The Maxx (1995) - Jul 23, 2019
"Surreal and hallucinatory 90s comic book trip.Those early CGI transitions sure are ugly though."