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Antonio P

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Location: Canada

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40 46% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Apr 29, 2021
"They have to get to the quantum universe to save the mother. Also bad guys want the laboratory building for the tech in there. Than Eva wants to become normal because she'll die. She's another bad enemy turns good when they finally rescue the mom and she basically heals her. 2 ending scenes. Ant man goes into the quantum realm is stuck there while Hope and the dad disappear. An ant plays the drums. "
60 72% Black Panther (2018) - Apr 29, 2021
"This is a good movie. So basically it's about Wakanda technology that a bad guy wants to become King to use their advanced technology to destroy other countries that is the outside World. Black Panther who has been defeated in this movie because he was powerless returns with powers to stop the new King. End credit scenes. 1. Black Panther shares his technology. 2. Bucky is shown with the Panthers sister who creates the technology and weapons. "
1% Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Apr 27, 2021
"Trash. Basically this is a movie about an orb that the good guys want to sell for 4 billion dollars. Then you find out it has an infinity Stone in it that Ronin wants to acquire for Thanos. Ronin betrays Thanos in this movie. Then he's destroyed by The Guardians of the Galaxy. Then they give a fake orb to someone. End credit scene they show some dog licking a guy who was in this movie. Just awful. A lot of toilet humor and joke that are not funny in this. Didn't like anything at all. "
80 90% Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) - Apr 25, 2021
"This is a great Movie. Enemies are trying to find the location to find Amazon and steal their technology. You find out a bigger enemy is Medusa in this movie who Wonder Woman beats and kills. Side Storyline, Vanessa is Silver Swan. Her Mother dies in this movie, so she is seeking revenge vs Diana who later on helps her. Cut scene in this, You find out how the mother was really killed. Don't want to spoil that. They make Wonder Woman really powerful in this movie. "
100 98% Ant-Man (2015) - Apr 25, 2021
"This is an amazing movie. So basically Dr. Hank working with his partner on a suit that has the ability to shrink. Partner is bad guy. Ant Man fights him as he becomes the wasp suit. Beats him. End Credit scenes. Dr Hank has a suit for his daughter. 2. Captain America Falcon are shown. Falcon really cool as he can see everything including Ant Man so that portrays Ant man's weakness. Other than that Very strong and dependable. "
40 46% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Apr 25, 2021
"Not that good of a movie. So basically The Avengers are to stop Ultron who's basically Tony's Robot turned evil. Scarlet and Quick Silver help him out at first until they discover he is destroying the World. Ultron has army of robots with him. Quick Silver dies in this movie. Jarvis or Vision picks up Thor's Hammer in this movie. "
80 90% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - Apr 24, 2021
"This is the best Captain America movie. Shield has been compromised. Steve is chased down by Barky Barnes in this movie who is a assassin. You learn that his memory has been wiped out as he tries to remember who he is. Captain America takes down the satellite dishes that are firing on the population. End credit scenes 2. One shows an shiny emerald, Scarlett witch and someone else. 2nd shows Bucky reading his obituary at the museum. "
40 46% Iron Man 3 (2013) - Apr 23, 2021
"It's just an average movie. Good storyline. So basically Tony has to stop a terrorist named Mandarin. Who's fake. Scientist who was ignored by Tony for 5 min that's the main bad guy in this movie. He created a fire substance to heal handicaps that had missing limbs. They are fully heal and now are evil. Him and his army kidnap the president. Fav scene all the Iron man suits show up at the building. End scene Tony is talking to the Banner the Hulk. "
20 17% The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Apr 23, 2021
"This movie was awful. So basically the army wants to capture the Hulk so they can make Super Soldier from the formula Hulk has inside of him. Then of course they test out chemicals on one guy in the military he becomes a bad guy Hulk and fights Hulk. Hulk saves the day. Ending of movie you see Tony Stark talking to the Lieutenant and tells him we are assembling a team. "
60 72% Furious 7 (2015) - Apr 19, 2021
"Basically Shaw and Dom's team are killing each other in this movie. They are preventing him to get a device that controls all electronics. So Shaw is there to kill this girl Hacker which Dom and The Rock are their to Protect. Ronda Rousey is in this movie. Then the ending The Rock catches Shaw and he is in prison. Later find out the the Actor Paul Walker is dead in real life. "