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Antonio P

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Location: Canada

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20 17% Pop Up Video (1997) - Jul 30, 2020
"These were really annoying back in the day. They gave info on the person singing which was a cool idea at the time. Nobody wants these pop ups every 5 sec when a song is playing. "
80 91% Spectre (2015) - Jul 15, 2020
"This is a great movie. Story continues from skyfall and is the continuing story of the Daniel Craig movies. I think this one was the best one overall in these series. So in this one they are trying to shut down Bonds secret service agent as the main bad guy wants to control their own. It's really well done. They show you the people who have died and past away from the previous bond films in his series. Also Q is a major factor in this movie as well. Batista is in this. Great movie overall. "
80 91% Skyfall (2012) - Jul 14, 2020
"This is a great movie. So an Agent who was betrayed by Bond's bosses is seeking revenge and killing all the agents. Very cool and this story really picks up near the end. A lot of action scenes in this. Q is introduced here in this one and so is Eve Money Penny. A lot of action as they fight on top of the train, then subway then in a barn. Really cool ending in this. Thought this was great. "
80 91% Quantum of Solace (2008) - Jul 12, 2020
"This picks up where Casino Royale left off. Stopping a bad guy from gaining control of a countries resource. A lot of action here as you try to figure out who the bad enemies are. Bond is basically working on this mission solo as his own people are stopping him from doing what he has to do because he isn't following Protocol. Finally gets the enemy and leaves him in the desert. Skyfall follows up after this movie. "
80 91% Casino Royale (2006) - Jul 11, 2020
"This is a great movie. As Daniel Craig is the best James Bond I have seen. A lot of action scenes in this that are amazing. Basic story here he has to stop a bad guy at the casino to delivering funds to a a terrorist organization. This movie really picks up at the end where you think oh everything is done but wait another swerve from no where. Just great it's the first movie of his series and it continues with Quantum of Solace. "
1% The Matrix Revolutions (2003) - Jul 11, 2020
"This is pure garbage. I don't know where to begin. Struggling to even watch this. So basically they are preparing to stop these sentinels in like Robot Armor. Maybe they should have just focused on that because all the crap you see with Neo is pure garbage. He's on the train station talks to a little girl the man doesn't let him on. Later on Neo gets blind and he still is working at 100% then he goes in the chair at the end fights Mr. Smith back to the Oracle. Sunset movie ends. "
20 17% The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Jul 10, 2020
"This is pure straight up garbage. A lot of time wasted to go to the Oracle, Key maker and the Architect. So basically the ships are sent to fight 250 000 sentinels that are coming to kill the ship. Whole story is focused on Neo. You find out at the end that Neo the one isn't meant to stop these sentinels but he explains that it's another form of control. Neo in a coma and you find out 1 survivor. Just watch the last 10 min of this movie and everything is summed up. Pure crap. "
60 73% The Matrix (1999) - Jul 09, 2020
"Good movie. Plot holes. Morpheus training Neo jumps from roof to roof with little to no ease and beats Neo in training. Later on he can't even fight Agents and can't make a simple jump to the helicopter now. Another flaw they can do basically anything in the Matrix World. So why do they need to have programs uploaded to them? If so shouldn't you have given them a program where you are invincible and can't die?. Traitor shoots everyone a couple of min later for convenience. Other than that good. "
20 17% Suicide Squad (2016) - Jul 08, 2020
"Movie sucked"
40 46% Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) - Jul 04, 2020
"Was funny when I watched this as a kid. He's not that funny when you are a adult."