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Member Since: Oct 29, 2013

Age: 25

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75 75% The NeverEnding Story (1984) - Jun 24, 2019
35 17% Qualcosa striscia nel buio (1971) - Jun 24, 2019
80 86% Full Contact (1992) - Jun 24, 2019
75 75% Stunt Rock (1978) - Jun 19, 2019
"This might come across as too muddled for many viewers, and it's all in dubious taste. I found it pretty interesting myself. Why an ode to the stunt workers' art was conflated with this ridiculous heavy metal dork shit is beyond me, but I'm kind of alright with that? BTS' self-evident passion for educating the public about stuntwork is a strange indulgence, but.... it kinda works goddangit."
65 51% The Beach Bum (2019) - Jun 18, 2019
"I've been anticipating something like this, and not surprised to hear it from Korine. Kind of like a feature length MTV styled fever-montage; there's no straight exposition, it comes across as bits and pieces in an expert arrangement. Which further sounds to me like Neon Demon, if it was a stoner comedy. I'm not satisfied that Korine has pushed any further from Spring Breakers, and this feels like another - fluffier and less inconoclastic - movie from the same world."
75 75% La Rivière du hibou (1962) - Jun 18, 2019
"Reminds me of experiences I had in Color of Paradise, and I wonder if comparing the two films is as ill-advised as it appears on the surface. Specifically it's that multi-sensory quality of the cinematography, and the kinetic energy of the camera is really engaging. Also, a very neat and satisfying short film; it shows you what shorts are supposed to be, in one way at least."
65 51% The Stuntmen (1973) - Jun 13, 2019
"I'm quite happy to learn more about this venerable artform, and I appreciate how much this director seeks to foreground what goes on behind the scenes. I imagine it will help me to acknowledge the work that many put into elaborate action set pieces."
75 75% Les religions sauvages (2006) - Jun 13, 2019
"Contrary to many opinions, there is in fact a real art to successfully pulling off a piece like this, the aim of which seems to be unremitting weirdness. The 'weird for its own sake' category of art should not be completely thrown out, and it wouldn't be hard for discerning viewers to separate the bullshit from the cream. Admirable work from this brut/dadaist collective."
65 51% Stone (1974) - Jun 13, 2019
"I'm gonna have to file this one under 'guilty pleasures'."
75 75% Akumulátor 1 (1994) - Jun 13, 2019
"I just love the style and tone of this film, which is strange and specific and alluring. The bizarre plotline doesn't always hold my attention, but the I didn't want it to ever end."