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Celluloid Junkie - 2930 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 29, 2013

Age: 25

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75 75% Until the End of the World (1991) - Jan 19, 2020
"It's all rather gratuitous I suppose, which might mean only that it really does need some editing, and there could be a rather punchy little movie in there somewhere. But when things start to pop you might enjoy lounging around in it, after all."
75 75% The Living End (1992) - Jan 18, 2020
"Thelma and Louise on AIDS. Derek Jarman, Godard, Coil. Punk rock as hell; Industrial Muzak!"
80 86% In Memory of the Day Passed By (1990) - Jan 18, 2020
80 86% Death and the Compass (1992) - Jan 12, 2020
"Expressionism and Borges are two of my foremost theoretical interests. Usually I would be very wary of cinema adaptations from Borges. The only thing that could possibly render Borges with any lucidity will be expressionistic, as it must be an exaggerated, avid and involved work, totally singular and opaque, complete in its own design, and it's a very specific aspect of 'the singular' the must be present. This isn't actually perfect, but it's pretty good, and a neat effort."
70 62% The Crowd (1928) - Jan 11, 2020
"Some exciting photographic ideas, and some attempt to perhaps a little naively use the medium in a broadly expressive way. An effective portrayal of ideas, but a little timid, and a little tame, and a little colourless in the end."
35 17% Who Am I? (1998) - Jan 08, 2020
"It is more like two movies put in a blender. One should not have been made, and the other is a generic action movie, of a somewhat higher calibre, due to the action choreography and stuntwork etc. Kind of amazing and confusing South African part, where Jackie spends much of the time in the traditional clothing of a tribal group that adopts him. What I dislike is when Chan gets unbearably cheesy and silly."
75 75% A Boy and His Dog (1975) - Jan 08, 2020
"I actually liked it in the beginning, when it was aimless, and painted pictures, and was a sort of chamber drama of two in the wide open world, but not a road movie. Then it became more similar to a dozen or so better budgeted movies, and had to allegorise, and politicise. Those parts are hard to sympathise with."
70 62% Twisted Pair (2018) - Jan 08, 2020
"The title seems to refer to the reason Neil Breen walks around like a fucking... weird, creepy man. I can still get on the wavelength, and this is not bad Breen, but THAT scene? That's fucked up Neil."
50 27% Joker (2019) - Jan 02, 2020
"Joaquin is one of a very few people who could have turned in a convincing post-Ledger Joker that would keep the fans happy, so that is successful. And so we've got some very effective Joker-porn for the Gen-Zrs who never saw V for Vendetta. It's probably part of an endless cycle."
35 17% Frozen II (2019) - Dec 28, 2019
"Crappy things, and some interesting things. It's almost like finally, a real folk tale is buried somewhere deep beneath the archaic Disney cookie cutter bullshit, and annoying archetypes (oh my god). A strange power can be seen peeking through in aspects of the animation, and frankly, it is emotionally affecting, leading to a conflicted and problematic conclusion. Like shitting out a dollar that you swallowed accidentally."