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80 86% Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie (1997) - Apr 04, 2020
"This is a wild scummy time, something like a Jon Moritsugu/Sogo Ishii smoothie. It has this strange allure, a few surprises, it's a bit of a bleak depressing shithole. Contains some guaranteed holy heck moments, and an extremely cool soundtrack, which alone is totally worth 2Gb disc space."
70 62% Straight Talk (1992) - Apr 04, 2020
"A very lovely, and jubbly movie that I would highly recommend for a revisitable pick me up. Familiar, and yet not predictable and I'd single it out as a romcom that's elevated by its more 'mature' characters, and successfully hits that note in the writing. A nice mellow time with James Woods at a good point in his career, and Dolly Parton is just a joy. I guess I see why people love her so much now, but I still hate this music."
45 24% The Demolitionist (1995) - Apr 03, 2020
"Shitty Batwoman/Crow, essentially, but with its own buzz going on. Not bad I must say, it passed the time."
60 40% The Harder They Fall (1956) - Apr 03, 2020
"Kind of obvious morality play. One wonders if you have to give them a break, at a time when we hadn't been saturated by far more complex takes, and an ever less generalising cinema, at least on the surface. Still Bogart's character is not without interest or complexity, not as strongly characterised or developed as his better roles. Perhaps in 1956 exploitation in the USA was on the nose and in your face throughout society, so movies were like that too."
80 86% Los Olvidados (1950) - Apr 03, 2020
65 50% The Bread and Alley (1970) - Apr 03, 2020
"Cute, yes, almost asking for comparisons to Lamorisse's Ballon Rouge, which itself used fantasy to paint a sober picture. This might be that film stripped down to a verite-style situation."
50 27% The Deer Hunter (1978) - Apr 02, 2020
"Obviously ambition went beyond the director's reach to some degree, but I personally applaud the film that is riding a fine line between an uncompromising vision and then trying to hold it all together. Nathan S is right in the greater than the sum of its parts assessment for this reason, but what I really want to see is something less culturally determined and more radical, something trying less to be great, than to commit. Fortunately, this cast pays of in a big way."
80 86% The Road Warrior (1981) - Apr 01, 2020
"Ahh, yes its the homoerotic action spectacle we've all been waiting for. Hunks dueling it out in the Aussie outback in trucks and on motorcycles. Deservedly a classic with very well paced escalating intensity, and keenly choreographed action scenes that are a masterclass for this genre."
60 40% Legend of the Mountain (1979) - Mar 31, 2020
"Certainly not better than A Touch of Zen, and not very much in advance stylistically either. Instead it feels rote and comfortable for a marvelous director."
50 27% Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) - Mar 30, 2020
"Interesting with the night setting. Fabulously, professionally written and acted, even a bit subsumed in its artfulness, which is an attribute of its theatre origins. There's a warmth from the movies that I miss."