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96 97% Inside Out (2015) - Aug 18, 2015
"Bordering on perfection, Inside Out is an (obviously) emotional experience, standing tall amongst the other Pixar films. It has everything you could possibly wish for in a kids movie. It's fun, it's funny, creative and inventive, skillfully put together, simple enough for kids to enjoy it, but just enough complex for adults to analyse and reflect on it, it's engrossing, touching and ultimately heartwarming. Moreover, it contains a powerful, clever message. Amazing!"
70 48% Cinderella (2015) - Apr 09, 2015
"If you wanted a faithful retelling of the original movie, you'll enjoy it. There are minor, and I daresay, needless updates that don't really help moving the story along, nor counter the faults the original has. Regardless, I liked it. I liked its music, visuals, acting, reinterpretation of some iconic scenes, and I thought the Prince and Cinderella had chemistry, even though it's a saccharine three-day-romance. It's candid, feels refreshing, and is almost every bit as magical as the original."
41 15% Red Riding Hood (2011) - Feb 12, 2015
"Truth be told, in spite of the negative criticism and rather low expectations, I was sort of pleasantly surprised. Sort of. Suffers from a lacklustre plot, a few pointless twists and events, and a clichéd love triangle which doesn't add much to the story. But I actually think they successfully conveyed the mood they were trying to convey. It did grab my attention. I did like its setting, which somewhat makes up for its story. Nothing spectacular, granted, but better than I was expecting."
70 48% Matilda (1996) - Dec 07, 2014
"At times, the film can be disjointed and a bit too unpleasant to watch, especially with the depiction of grown-ups in this story, with the exception of Matilda's schoolteacher. It's a bit too mean, scary, and disturbing at times. If you analyse it, it's glorified child abuse that goes unpunished for the most part. But kids seem to love it, and I can see why. It's fun, colourful, sweet, Matilda's powers allow for some decent slapstick and creativity, and it's, in the end, very heartwarming. "
78 63% Chocolat (2000) - Dec 05, 2014
55 27% Miracle on 34th Street (1994) - Dec 05, 2014
73 53% An Education (2009) - Dec 05, 2014
95 96% Spirited Away (2001) - Dec 04, 2014
0% The Room (2003) - Dec 03, 2014
"Imagine a grotesque aftermath to a fatal, gruesome car accident. Guts splattered all over the highway. It's beyond horrific and ghastly. And yet you can't help but be morbidly fascinated by it. That's The Room in a nutshell. It's bad in every conceivable way. Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad characters, bad plot, bad subplots that are never resolved, bad pacing, bad music, bad gratuitous sex and violence, and the list goes on. And yet it's the one of the funniest pieces of shit I've ever watched."
0% Glen or Glenda (1953) - Dec 03, 2014
"This is a film that is both intriguing and horrifying at the same time. It's horrendously put together, amateurish even, bewildering, daft and illogical. Some choices make no sense whatsoever. I doubt anyone but the director could tell what the hell he was trying to do, what kind of message he attempted to convey. His heart is in the right place, and he does portray transvestitism sympathetically. But he got his facts wrong and tried to turn the subject into a monster story. It's batshit crazy! "