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Movie Buff - 232 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 18, 2020

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Age: 40

Bio: www.albumoftheyear.org/user/barnowl/

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78 17% The Clapper (2017) - May 03, 2022
"Watched it falling asleep. A good Ed Helms movie. Glad I saw it."
69 12% The Day After Tomorrow (2004) - Mar 22, 2022
"Fun to see randomly on live streaming channels, although it might have some sort of merit, especially visually. If you see it streaming, try it from the beginning. I will say it is interesting how early this film is."
61 9% Contagion (2011) - Mar 22, 2022
""Watch" it while falling asleep and not paying attention, and it will be worth your time."
80 22% District 9 (2009) - Mar 21, 2022
"District 9 could have been much better. It isn’t a bad movie, but the premise has so much more potential than the story and pace deliver."
67 11% Popeye (1980) - Mar 10, 2022
"Just a weird fuckin’ movie. It’s Robin Williams though."
72 15% The Tommyknockers (1993) - Feb 07, 2022
"As others have said, it's scary if you're afraid of this particular, albeit unique, shade of green. Best for nostalgia and King fandom, watch it if you have 3 hours to kill."
100 95% Schindler's List (1993) - Feb 07, 2022
"There is little justification for this not receiving a 100."
70 13% Chances (2013) - Jan 22, 2022
"The film has a great setting and interesting pacing, as well as camerawork that makes good use of a limited budget. Would like to see how much Rhyu has grown as a director since this 2013 work."
79 18% The Dark Half (1993) - Dec 29, 2021
"It does have a really cool and gory ending - especially for 1993. Unfortunately the film is also mired with cliche."
91 58% The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) - Dec 29, 2021
"Director Guy Hamilton admitted that he added the slide whistle to the car roll because he didn't think there was a way the audiences would take such a stunt seriously. He has since regretted this."