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89 T10 Hamlet (1996) - Jan 18, 2017
"I've never had to dig into Hamlet at school or when I lived on that garbage dump, so this was my first real exposure to the complete play. And ye gods, did this version deliver! I have nothing but respect for the acting on display (Lemmon is a weak link though), the long takes, stone-cold classic lines and delivery, fantastic sets and the deliciously uncompromising full 4-hour duration. As Phil Ken Sebben once rightly said: "To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub. Ha haa! ..Rub." "
40 T3 Sausage Party (2016) - Jan 16, 2017
"Know what'd be fucking funny? To have some fucking CGI shit be fucked up and vulgar, shit yeah! Also, add some fucking! Haha! What do you mean our non-union animators aren't paid for the overtime we forced on them? Well, fuck them too!"
60 T4 Hardcore Henry (2016) - Jan 16, 2017
"Dumb FPS: The Movie, nothing more and nothing less. And while it is an empty, silly and childish piece of nonsense, it's at the same time really good at what it sets out to do. Which is making you go "JA JONGEH??" (or your own non-Dutch equivalent) and cackling madly as some crazy violent bullshit thing happens. Best watched in non-sober company."
60 T4 Phantom of the Paradise (1974) - Jan 16, 2017
"Where there might normally be a line between camp and satire, here it's more a jumping rope spinning wildly. The songs and/or performances are often goofy as hell, and whatever point this tried to make about selling out or copyright infringement is almost immediately buried underneath all the... everything. As a person who hates musicals, fun and fun musicals, it's probably best to ignore my opinion on this."
70 T6 The Neon Demon (2016) - Jan 11, 2017
"The first half sets up several cool seeming directions for things to go in, but then the 'oh it's gonna be like this then, allright' feeling set in. Still, the music and visuals were aces and being superficially enraptured by purrty things at least kinda fits this specific title. A few tense or gross moments and a strong sense of isolation and vulnerability carried it home for me. The beauty standard for these photoshoots apparently is 'looks like a space escort'."
17 T1 God's Club (2015) - Jan 06, 2017
"Superduper lame strawman-argument one-specific-religion-focused wholesome family blandertainment. Features a shrink using the term 'hanky panky' and a hilariously beardy Lorenzo Lamas as THE EVIL ATHEIST. To be fair, I am not the target audience for this drivel but was forced to see this against my will. Turns out it was for the 30 second Paul Logan cameo so I suffered for a good cause, amen. This movie unfortunately is not about a baller nightclub or a huge blunt weapon from heaven."
79 T8 Swiss Army Man (2016) - Jan 05, 2017
"Holy moly, this was something else. Michel Gondry-esque creative madness with a more unhealthy and sinister type of self-delusion buried just under the surface. Speaking of which, props to Radcliffe for his fantastic performance. I cackled like a maniac every time he barfed up those fountains of corpsewater. A warped version of the 'indie movie about a sad lonely schmuck' that I can easily imagine someone hating, but was right up my oddball alley."
80 T9 Under the Shadow (2016) - Jan 05, 2017
"The context of the setting made the story much more engaging than similar Babadook-y material, even though its structure is pretty damn familiar. But the ever present oppression, from forces both seen and unseen, leads to a stronger sense of isolation and hopelessness. I don't know what creeped me out more, the apparitions or the casual way the protagonist is 'corrected' by authority figures while the city around them is literally falling apart. "
52 T4 Garoojigi (2008) - Jan 05, 2017
"Ehhhh. I was interested in what a South Korean sex comedy would be like, turns out in this case it wasn't that sexy or funny. So you end up kinda getting jerked around for 120 minutes with an unsatisfying end. If I wanted that, I never would've left that hydraulic arm testing facility."
69 T6 Das Wilde Leben (2007) - Jan 03, 2017
"It doesn't really offer enough insight into the lead to feel like a genuine biopic, but I can think of worse things than spending 2 hours with a globetrotting, doing-drugs-with-Jagger Natalia Avelon I mean hoo boy. [DISCLAIMER: exposure to Das Wilde Leben may cause strong sensations of Regret About Not Having Done Enough Fun Stuff In Your Boring-Ass Life. Consult your physician to see if Das Wilde Leben is right for you.]"