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Celluloid Junkie - 2657 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 31, 2008

Location: Netherlands

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Status: Single

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71 59% The Spiral Staircase (1946) - Jan 27, 2020
"Pretty decent for what it is, where the not-that-interesting plot and character development is compensated for by the atmospheric look, feel and sound of everything."
49 26% Reset (2017) - Jan 27, 2020
"Another one for the 'decent sci-fi premise is wasted in order to make a cliched action movie' pile. No, no, it's the one next to the 'disappointing 21st century franchise rebootpresequel' pile, behind the Neil Breen tar pits. Man, we really should clean out this place sometimes."
75 69% The Beach Bum (2019) - Jan 27, 2020
"A man hedonisms through life, skirts around tragedy and responsibility, allowed to live life on his own unusual carefree terms. On the one hand it's too in love with its consequence-free protagonist who never has to learn or grow. On the other hand it leads to 90 minutes of nicely shot, colorful and amusing McConaughey scene-chewery that felt like wish fulfillment to this responsibility-avoiding slacker. It's all kinda slight and I'm not sure if I should be annoyed it didn't have more to say."
69 51% Mister America (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
"As a standalone title, it's a so-so portrait of a shitty person with unrealistic goals. As part of the by now impressively large On Cinema performance piece, it's a solid portrait of Tim Heidecker just Tim Heideckering all over the place."
69 51% John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
"The third outing still delivers the same well-shot (pun unintended) action, but I can't help but chuckle once again at how serious the movie takes its worldbuilding and everything happening does feel like a case of diminishing returns. Though I did appreciate the 2-player co-op mode around the halfway point. Could it be that there's a limit to the entertainment value of seeing people get shot in the face? ...No, wait, of course not, what the hell was I thinking."
49 26% Flight 666 (2018) - Jan 16, 2020
"I was shocked, SHOCKED I tells ya, that this Asylum movie seemed to be almost sort of.. competent? It has a bit of a whodunnit angle that kept me guessing, or perhaps that says more about my continual mental decline. But I was so damn sure that this both featured some random beefcake actor ánd Paul Logan to work towards a big manly wrestling showdown finale. But no, expectations subverted! So you could say Flight 666 is The Last Jedi of Asylum ShittyMovies. Or that I am the Jar Jar of analogies"
85 92% Parasite (2019) - Jan 06, 2020
"I'm a sucker for a premise where people are trying to get away with a web of lies and where the slightest wrong remark or action could collapse the whole scheme. So not only was I enjoying the wonderfully set up shots, convincing acting and social commentary, but I was getting nervous as hell as things progressed. ...And then there's that reveal halfway through and things just spiral downwards beautifully from there."
57 33% It (2017) - Jan 06, 2020
"It's all competently made I guess, but the non-horror parts were miles above the borderline basic sPoOkY content. The kid acting was great and I appreciated their foulmouthedness, but the go-to setup of 'something scary is coming at you, boogawooga, but you can safely run into the next room and you're safe I guess?' just takes the wind out of its sails- erm, balloons, worsened by the annoying editing. Also, much like the last wedding I visited, needed more poppin' blood-balloons."
66 46% A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) - Dec 30, 2019
"There was juuust enough happening to keep me interested, but all in all this was a pretty simple setup that never delves into its most promising parts. The soundtrack is neat, atmosphere is suitably cold and desolate, but we're always kept at arm's length and therefore I wasn't really affected by the few character development moments. Half a lifetime ago I would've considered this to be romantic, now I'm mainly digging how cool Sheila Vand looked wearing that chador. And that cat was rad."
25 13% Star Trek: Discovery (2017) - Dec 24, 2019
"I hated everything about this and seeing all the high scores for this Game of Thronesy Shit In Space Which Never Feels Star Trekky just makes me feel old and depressed. A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing."